1000HP With No Turbo, No Blower and No Nitrous: Finnegan's Garage Ep.79 

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This beast of a big-block Chevy is a two-year project that finally is finished and Dyno-tested and we couldn't be happier with it. In fact, after a bit of tuning it produced over 800 ft-lbs of torque and 1,010 horsepower without a power adder. This single carb monster would be sick in your next project car, truck or boat. Want more info? Watch the video as we show you how to install a new MSD slip collar distributor before we rev this 582ci V8 over 7,000 rpm on Westech Performance' Superflow engine Dyno.

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Mark Stubson
Mark Stubson 2 päivää sitten
Why weren’t you the freedom 500 ??????
Joachim Singh
Joachim Singh 4 päivää sitten
Yay worst engine building video On FIplace. Only part YOURE GONNA see in this video is about someone installing a distributor for The first time. Why didnt you document The engine build?
Joachim Singh
Joachim Singh 4 päivää sitten
Soo 500 cfm per i take port. 1350 cfm carb. Was the porting really necessary of The total port Flow is 4000 cfm but The carb is only 1350?
Andrea Hill
Andrea Hill 6 päivää sitten
The descriptive jason principally scorch because bite beautifully flap beside a vengeful flame. graceful, perpetual fibre
Dawn Schwager
Dawn Schwager 8 päivää sitten
so on the dissy gear are you looking for a grease pattern similiar to what you would with the dye on a diff just centre as close as possible
Shawn Green
Shawn Green 8 päivää sitten
If that’s a 1000 hp engine I’m an astronaut.
F'n Dave's Auto
F'n Dave's Auto 12 päivää sitten
Nice 👍new subscriber
Lloyd Cisco
Lloyd Cisco 12 päivää sitten
I bet that big cubic inch motor would love a pair of dominators on a tunnel ram if I spend that kind of money I'll be putting a pair on mine especially if it was going in a boat
Sebastian Martinez
Sebastian Martinez 18 päivää sitten
I want it !!
F14 Hellcat
F14 Hellcat 19 päivää sitten
What’s the mpg 1 mile lol
Donell Muniz
Donell Muniz 20 päivää sitten
I hate people who have that kind of money to throw around on a toy.
David Cagle
David Cagle 20 päivää sitten
Can you give us a video doing same thing for big block ford
Transam 488
Transam 488 22 päivää sitten
@ Finnegan's Garage Bullet Cams how nice, those must be much better than the Billet Cams
amber hunter
amber hunter 24 päivää sitten
Epa gonna get it if we don't fight
dodgeman19941978 27 päivää sitten
Dont know the buildup but i did the tuning on a 505 BBC. Weight and et put it at over 1k with no power adders. Made 6 passes before a slick blew out/hit something on the track and rolled it
Glen Cross
Glen Cross 28 päivää sitten
That is one beautiful nasty engine!!! Finnigan you rock!🍀 How much for that in a street version on pump gas!👍💯🇺🇸😎
Melissa Weidman
Melissa Weidman Uukausi sitten
for the street on a driver best is no boost or nitro run a tunnel ram the engine will last a longer cast on cast no head gasket problems
DOCTR J 91 Uukausi sitten
Nice 🔥🎸🍻
James Huffman
James Huffman Uukausi sitten
I mean I like the set up. But is there a reason why you did not go with fuelinjection. Or the owner dont want the computer on the boat.
Aaron Ruggles
Aaron Ruggles Uukausi sitten
Where do I know this guy??
John Smith
John Smith Uukausi sitten
Proper engines don't drive the oil pump from the bottom of the distributor, esp at the back of the engine. This is a bad design fault present in most ancient American V8's
Victor Thompson
Victor Thompson Uukausi sitten
No Bacon!!?
Victor Thompson
Victor Thompson Uukausi sitten
Gotta luv Mr Finn
how much the cost to built this engine
Luke Clarke
Luke Clarke Uukausi sitten
Your an engine wizard. That would be one wicked engine to have here in Aus in a daily driver.
Chris Ahrens
Chris Ahrens Uukausi sitten
I've always just dropped it in and was spun it a couple times and done. But I've never owned one that had a adjustable collar.
Chris Ahrens
Chris Ahrens Uukausi sitten
How much nitrous? Lol
Don Sharp
Don Sharp Uukausi sitten
What happened to your hand Mike?
Jimmy Gray
Jimmy Gray Uukausi sitten
WTF is with the music are you rookies??
MONT SCHASZ Uukausi sitten
Dam that would plow some SNOW!!! LOL...
john s
john s Uukausi sitten
Oj Hernandez
Oj Hernandez Uukausi sitten
What was the cost the build?
Racer Z
Racer Z Uukausi sitten
Whats chaotic madness is this beautiful thing going in?
Martin J
Martin J Uukausi sitten
Joel Dunn
Joel Dunn Uukausi sitten
" Hey guys. Finnegans garage 50 year old dressing like im 18 guy here... Check out what you can do with unlimited money." Yeah no shit bro. But theres nothing interesting about that. Just buy a jet
VMAXBX 2 kuukautta sitten
Put that engine in a regular car and everything else will break. What's it for? Drag racing? Tractor pulling? What transmission? What rear end? I regularly stomp hellcats with a 350hp corvette because they can't hook up! What good is 1000hp if your car can't do a wheel stand?
Mark Te Pou
Mark Te Pou 2 kuukautta sitten
This is why I love american v8 muscle (I'm a chevy man) simplicity, stout, truck load of torque and a mountain of HP 💯💖👌 all in a small package
Russel Proctor
Russel Proctor 2 kuukautta sitten
What keeps the distributor from moving around? It's not bolted down.
Martin J
Martin J Uukausi sitten
Pretty sure it was bolted down before it went on the dyno.
Deez Nutz
Deez Nutz 2 kuukautta sitten
....great build but i cant stand mother fuckers that dont put up their cam specs...whooptie fucking do if somebody knows your cam specs.
fredhetherjr 2 kuukautta sitten
Can you send me a list of parts and cam specs. Thank you
Aaron Bollhoefer
Aaron Bollhoefer 2 kuukautta sitten
Goes the WHOOOLLEEEE video..... No music. Engine starts MUSIC LOUDER THAN THE ENGINE!
69NOMAN69 noman
69NOMAN69 noman 2 kuukautta sitten
so what traitor
Kizzy McKinstry
Kizzy McKinstry 2 kuukautta sitten
Non Bronze gear on a Billet solid roller??......Wrong...
Martin J
Martin J Uukausi sitten
A lot of roller cams have pressed on iron distributor gears these days. I have a Lunati roller sitting next to me in a box and a comp cams roller in the 440 BBC in my Chevelle, both with pressed on gears .....
RustBelt Gypsy
RustBelt Gypsy 3 kuukautta sitten
How can I order one to similar specs?
Andrew Hunter
Andrew Hunter 3 kuukautta sitten
what are the cam specs or cam part number?
david Rodriguez
david Rodriguez 3 kuukautta sitten
Can I get # to buy this engine
Joe Valdrighi
Joe Valdrighi 3 kuukautta sitten
Finnigan couldn't hit his ass with both hands . He didn't build anything . You can bet somebody else did . He's just a FIplace BS er
tonkatoytruck 3 kuukautta sitten
Wonder what it could do with 93 octane pump gas or E-85?
tonkatoytruck Uukausi sitten
@Martin J Actually, there are several engine vendors selling 632 bbc making 1000fhp on pump gas now. Even more on E -85. Shafiroff, NRE, Morrison Racing Engines, etc. Had some time to do more research.
Martin J
Martin J Uukausi sitten
It'd detonate itself to death on 93 octane unless the timing was retarded so much it'd barely run. It'd probably run fine on E85 with the right jetting.
Shanze Panunzio
Shanze Panunzio 3 kuukautta sitten
1000hp for 20k plus no thanks!!
Papwithanhatchet 3 kuukautta sitten
So sad you wrecked your dyno pull with a drum soundtrack. Why?
Rexhep Nikqi
Rexhep Nikqi 3 kuukautta sitten
there will be no more gas very soon ok then you put that engine in your Bedroom so you can watch it every day, ok,
Rexhep Nikqi
Rexhep Nikqi 3 kuukautta sitten
hey mate o have some news for you put that Engine in recycle for metal because very soo you will not be able to use it on the streets no more Electric is the Champion. and must faster and no nose . you understand that. its over with combustion Engines. ok.
Martin J
Martin J Uukausi sitten
BS. Gas might not be cheap, but it'll be available for quite a while. Mate.
john kovac
john kovac 3 kuukautta sitten
all great video but need ballpark price next time
Korey Cowan
Korey Cowan 3 kuukautta sitten
Wow! 1000 HP with a naturally aspirated motor... THATS AWESOME! JUST THINK WHAT A BIG TURBO AND A 300 SHOT OF NITROUS WOULD DO! Ouuu we! LOOK OUT
son nguyen
son nguyen 3 kuukautta sitten
The mighty dolphin arespectively wait because suit concordantly describe forenenst a gorgeous pea. super, unwieldy property
lb7zf6 03
lb7zf6 03 4 kuukautta sitten
Putting music over engine noises is no different than putting music over someone talking to were you can't understand what they're saying...... it doesn't make sense. Get away from the tv standards lol.
nathaniel bautista
nathaniel bautista 4 kuukautta sitten
Hey dude thats awesome
Douglas Mueller
Douglas Mueller 4 kuukautta sitten
A good friend of mine build a 430 small block chevy making high 800 hp. In drag race trim. On the nuts. Woodruff racing. Lots of years of knowledge here.
Tony D'Angelo
Tony D'Angelo 4 kuukautta sitten
Wow what a nice car... fast backs are so cool... and I'm a chevy guy.. lol
DJRIKYP 4 kuukautta sitten
all i heard was here is a motor you cant afford :(
Todd Clark
Todd Clark 4 kuukautta sitten
Love that motor hey y'all have a fantastic Thanksgiving
Tranja Vanadbia
Tranja Vanadbia 4 kuukautta sitten
Robert Dahse
Robert Dahse 4 kuukautta sitten
I did not see what held the distributor in place ?
Ryan Marshall
Ryan Marshall 4 kuukautta sitten
Holyyy shittt your clinging to the empirical measurements like a teething newborn. Just fucking accept the fact metric is easier for everybody to understand lmao.
Anthony Siegel
Anthony Siegel 4 kuukautta sitten
Huh.. bronze gear.. thought steel was the standard for marine..
Anthony Siegel
Anthony Siegel 4 kuukautta sitten
Badass engine
C T 4 kuukautta sitten
It didn't make any sense when you said it was definitely engaging the oil Rod because the rotor would not turn. The rotor failed to rotate because the two gears the cam and distributor were meshed together
pauly repa
pauly repa 5 kuukautta sitten
Its like lookn up a skert. Mmm, mm!
mason noyes
mason noyes 5 kuukautta sitten
I miss stubby bob and roadkill 😭
randomusernumber1 5 kuukautta sitten
so this is a year too late but i had a thought abut the pistons .Surely ,at some point there is a benefit of a steel piston and i think this situation is just that point . If the pistons were made out of stel or titanium you could have still had the biger stroke with the smaller thinner piston , the wrist pin in the oil ring , all that . You can add longer piston skirts for more tability . And yes that may have resulted in a heavyer piston but also a bigger motor .And yes titanium pistons cost a lot lot lot more than aluminium , but you've awready thown so much money at this engne so why not throw a bit more and go balls to the wall , all or nothing ,come at me bro .
Ben 5 kuukautta sitten
1000hp na perfect
RACER 4X 5 kuukautta sitten
you guys should do a horse power to weight test, take a stock car and run the quarter with it ,then remove 50 pounds at a time till your left with nothing but frame then do a calculation of weight per power gain
Andy Miller
Andy Miller 5 kuukautta sitten
Very cool and over 100 psi of oil pressure. Good that it's going into a boat.
Rob H.
Rob H. 5 kuukautta sitten
so you were trying to turn the rotor and distributor shaft to see if you had engaged oil pump drive. please tell me that you weren't really expecting it to turn or even rock while exclaiming that it engaged the oil pump. the only thing that proved is that the distributor engaged the distributor drive gear. if i am spending that much money building what appears to be a beautiful motor, why didn't you put a crank triggered ignition system in? cam driven distributor suffers from errors due to "lash" from both crank to cam drive and cam to distributor. i may be wrong but doesn't MSD 85703 have a mechanical advance and you said that you were wanting to run a "fix non advancing" unit?
C.L Carrillo
C.L Carrillo 5 kuukautta sitten
Our name looks so sexy scrolling across the screen.
Sevalecan 5 kuukautta sitten
Wait, so Freiberger just did a 1000HP N/A engine... Did he just copy off you? 😂
Magic Yeti
Magic Yeti 5 kuukautta sitten
3:05 stolen Mopar technology
Mighty Mask
Mighty Mask 5 kuukautta sitten
Stock honda k20 in a civic hatchback could l destroy that big block in the 1/4 mile and you guys know it!
michael anderson
michael anderson 5 kuukautta sitten
It all comes down to how fast you want to go and how much $ cash you have would love to put this big nasty big block chevy in my 68 Camaro and go blow all these other cars off
oldmusher 5 kuukautta sitten
Aaron Brown (The Garage Shop, North Carolina) has a Land speed 39 Ford pickup "rat rod" called "the Uncatchable". It has a 358 cubic inch Small Block Ford with one 4-barrel, and NO power adders. 950 HP. Has gone 212 mph. (1.5 miles). So...Chevy needs a big block to get 1000 horse? (asking for a friend). Interesting.
John H
John H 5 kuukautta sitten
Total Price ? of this Bad Larry?
milleniumman911 5 kuukautta sitten
How much was the build?
Mathew Winney
Mathew Winney 5 kuukautta sitten
Reminds me of Keith Black engines out of L.A. area in the late 70's?
72chevelle156 5 kuukautta sitten
what valve springs?
Nobody 5 kuukautta sitten
Twenty Grand In Parts alone and it's still a "Ticking Time Bomb"
Aaron Henderson
Aaron Henderson 5 kuukautta sitten
I'd love to drop that in a small car, like a mini Cooper, Miata, or a lotus Elise or exige
Ben Daves
Ben Daves 5 kuukautta sitten
What's a power plant like this cost to build
Marc Wolfe
Marc Wolfe 5 kuukautta sitten
All this fancy programmable distributor shit and carbs are still "the in thing".... HWUT? MSD must have a lot of marketing fund to throw around.
gavendb 5 kuukautta sitten
i love the gorilla arms drawing on the box part.
Steve Sloan
Steve Sloan 5 kuukautta sitten
Excellent upload! You got too love the 454ci power plant! Amazing numbers in the end.
Black Thunder
Black Thunder 5 kuukautta sitten
Dye it man
Jordi Rosset
Jordi Rosset 5 kuukautta sitten
awesome, really
2vGoD 5 kuukautta sitten
Do you sell these engines? If so how much is something like this bro? If I can get a NA engine with that kinda power, I would like to purchase this for my 1967 GTO will it fit a car
2vGoD 5 kuukautta sitten
Must have a nasty high compression ratio nasty extrude honing, bad ass ported heads and nasty cam at 1000hp all engine fuck me and call me sally
James Lahee
James Lahee 5 kuukautta sitten
Absolutely Awesome 13/5-1 would that be rectangle closed chamber heads to make the compression
Edward Baker
Edward Baker 5 kuukautta sitten
Cleetus will love it
blair breland
blair breland 5 kuukautta sitten
Blah blah blah
Gary and Doris
Gary and Doris 5 kuukautta sitten
Does anyone take a drill and a homemade dowel and spin the oil pump so its pumped up. .....
Benny Sharkey
Benny Sharkey 5 kuukautta sitten
Already did that with a small block Dart.
DJTAZ1996 5 kuukautta sitten
Beautiful chevy engine. Work of art and it sounds beast
Jeancharles Rabaux
Jeancharles Rabaux 6 kuukautta sitten
Please seur one the question the v8 big blok is the kit nos twin turbo et the compresseur is possibul yes ou no please
blackbirdxx928 Giffin
blackbirdxx928 Giffin 6 kuukautta sitten
Ya, ok....but what do you do if you dont get stupid lucky and sick it right the first time? get it close and rotate the motor until it drops? you can, but than you have rotate is again to get back to base timing. Easier way, done properly you can hit the number + - one degree. Set the cap on the dizzy and figure out what direction you want the wire harness to point...put a mark for #1 on the cap and the dizzy and put it in...kinda orientate the base so its at #1....when it does not drop all the way pull it up just far enough so thr rotor will toun and turn it just enogh so it doesnt go back in the same way....or you can just flip it around until it drops all the way...not pointing the right way, no biggie.Just pull it back enoght to clear the cam gear and rotate the rotor about 190* clockwise...it shuld drop all the way. If it doesnt turn the rotor a little bit until it does. pull it up again, rotate 190* again. When it does you will notice the rotor has moved 1 tooth....keep doing it until the rotor points in the right direction (10 min of one finger typing to explain something that will take less thn 2 min. to do lol ) To set the timing set the balancer on your total timing number, pop the rotor off and rotate the housing until one of the points on the reluctor wheel line up down the middle of the pickup and tighten it down. If you have a dizzy with mechanical advavce just advavce it before you line up the pick up. Guy who does our dyno work say i hit the number almost every time. you do it like that and you know its right if you have problems on start up you dont need to be messing with the timing,,,,,im an olg guy. an old guy taught me that trick when i was a young guy lol
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