5 Must-Do Hacks for Building Headers: Finnegan's Garage Ep.130 

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Next week I'm going to finally make my 1967 Chevrolet C10 run and move under its own power. I'm bringing a couple of friends into the garage so that we can knock out a bunch of work to finish the truck. In the meantime, Newbern and I created a new pair of headers from scratch using a kit from Stainless Headers Mfr, a company we frequently order from. The parts are made of 304 stainless steel and feature mandrel-bent tubes, merge-collectors and lots of quality US-made parts.
We also once again relied on the Furick Markout Pro tool to precisely measure our tubing before we cut it.
Those amazing Chevy LT4 header flanges came from MRC Fabrication @mrcfabbullard
That crazy billet aluminum sequential gearbox came from www.6xdgearbox.com
Check back in next week for a bunch of new content as we make one big final push to get the C10 on the road. Thanks for watching!
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MrLincoln87 11 päivää sitten
I mean 8-1 out the hood would have been cool but idk ... if you want to drive it this setup kinda makes sense (tanner foust passat drift taxi sounds insane LS7 8-1 exhaust)
Anthony Baldino
Anthony Baldino 23 päivää sitten
is there any information that dictates how each cylinder connects to which place in the collector to facilitate scavenging effect? or is it just however it fits the vehicle?
AUSTIN 23 päivää sitten
Damn dude i can not believe that YOU of all people, the guy with every little fab toy, doesn't have the ice engine works manifold design legos
Adam Garon
Adam Garon Uukausi sitten
#Dave_DDE freedom factory 500 let’s go race
seventimechamp #3
seventimechamp #3 Uukausi sitten
Hey Mike when you get that thing to Kvegas be sure to let Kirkland hear it those are his favorite kind of mufflers. He likes em looouuuuud
Justin 777
Justin 777 Uukausi sitten
Highly recommend 5/8 drywall on your ceiling. Say you go to bed after welding and there's a small spark you have nothing to slow a fire through ceiling/floor of home
Lyle Bartels
Lyle Bartels Uukausi sitten
Mark Geiser
Mark Geiser Uukausi sitten
I was waiting for a Ray Charles crack as you were finish welding.
Grant Hendley
Grant Hendley Uukausi sitten
5:25 you can watch the stainless pull hard. Watch the block on top tip a little from right to left.
Havoc Man
Havoc Man Uukausi sitten
Wait wait WAIT! What are the 5 header hacks?
Astref Uukausi sitten
5:25 You can see it move 😲
Jr Ulate
Jr Ulate Uukausi sitten
What happened to the Death Metal Charger?
Murray Liley
Murray Liley Uukausi sitten
Technik Meister
Technik Meister Uukausi sitten
Compulsory education for anyone who builds headers for their race engine is the original book written by the famous Phil Irving (Keith Duckworth was his apprentice), Tuning for Speed. In that he gives us the formula for header design...pipe diameter, runner lengths, collector diameter and length, all based on intake flow, cam parameters and valve to port flow rates. Some engines respond to headers, some do not because their heads flow badly so it makes no difference. And all the advantage will be from 5000rpm up. For a cruiser, it probably just a vanity accessory.
William Sanders
William Sanders Uukausi sitten
The donkey!
Ed Cias III
Ed Cias III Uukausi sitten
Awesome job! And super excited that you finally got a good microphone - almost blew out my eardrums when the video started cuz I'm used to turning the volume up!
James Mansfield
James Mansfield Uukausi sitten
Great video but the frequent zoom-in and zoom-outs while the guys are talking are distracting :-(
Josh Eschbach
Josh Eschbach Uukausi sitten
I saw I guy on Instagram I believe who had various size v band flanges welded to the end of his table, so he could quickly weld flanges on his projects.
Nancy Erica
Nancy Erica Uukausi sitten
My ex-husband use to bring his engines into the house and rebuild, until he got a garage. From amazon, car hop trays stay safe.
Mad Mat
Mad Mat Uukausi sitten
YES! Very cool guys. Thank you.
Brandon Piening
Brandon Piening Uukausi sitten
Sorry dumb question here, can someone explain the differences in the previous headers and these? (what is traditional?) and further explain why the change? (love these vids btw, great improvement over time in production quality!)
Cyber Drift
Cyber Drift Uukausi sitten
lol u could see him stressing at the beginning of the vid when he was tacking the vband. Watching from behind him like he is gonna fuck this up.
Dav Berg
Dav Berg Uukausi sitten
Mike I don't know if it's possible, but I hope you can make it to the Freedom 500 this time around?
fredadhbit Uukausi sitten
Floppy lockwire.
Ryan DeRespini
Ryan DeRespini Uukausi sitten
Dude...the C/10 hoodie...re-release them please!
Boot2yourHead Uukausi sitten
Cocks head “ Like for people “. lol.great show guys.
Andrew Murray
Andrew Murray Uukausi sitten
Hi Mike, it was good to see Ray Charles didn't do any welding this time....haha :) Cheers from Australia :)
ManCaveMischief Uukausi sitten
Mil-spec = eh that’ll do
computiNATEor Uukausi sitten
I don't think that backpurging an exhaust on a non-turbo car makes much difference. Prettier, and more "proper", for sure, but Nascar or F1, this isn't.
Matt Walter
Matt Walter Uukausi sitten
1800 bucks for that marking tool from Furick...hahahaha....i'll just keep eyeballing!
JEB 1961
JEB 1961 Uukausi sitten
Cutting Pipe with NO SAFTTY GLASSES .(
Josh Banton
Josh Banton Uukausi sitten
should definitely make a fsm flannel shirt. I would wear it for three day straight and just say that i have three different shirts.
chevyfan 82
chevyfan 82 Uukausi sitten
Andy Nebrigich
Andy Nebrigich Uukausi sitten
You can always use flexible turbo pipe, radiator tube, etc. to wrap around the exhaust so the spacing is more consistent. A rag works though.
Truck This Garage
Truck This Garage Uukausi sitten
Shop dog lol 😝 or lick your 🥜 haha 😂
Johnny Jayy
Johnny Jayy Uukausi sitten
I like how you’re facing the camera cause I’m used to seeing you like that in Roadkill instead of holding one lol
Mike Wright
Mike Wright Uukausi sitten
Glad to hear so much progress is on the way for the C-10! Am surprised though that it looked like the primary tube for cylinder 8 was a little shorter than the other guys and I was under the impression that would hurt scavenging, figured it would help to have it come forward to meet the other pipes and match the length. Can’t wait to see this thing fired up!
Roy Offenburger
Roy Offenburger Uukausi sitten
I have a 1997 acura integra you can make faster for free I'm 5 minuets from Steve Dulcich farm.
wrenchracer86cl Uukausi sitten
So glad to see you finally putting a date on finishing your c10! Mines still sitting with separated tires. The struggle is real.
Speedicus Maximus
Speedicus Maximus Uukausi sitten
Mike, Can you shield Beau/"Lick your Nuts !" from your/the welding when it happens ? Humans you can tell not to watch. Dogs ? Not so much .... Thanks.
Antony Yarson
Antony Yarson Uukausi sitten
Good job Finn
scott offord
scott offord Uukausi sitten
MAN-LEGOS! Love it
Jack Hoff
Jack Hoff Uukausi sitten
"I hope I have a heater" By the time you get done you won't need one, you'll need AC LOL.....
Dylan Keene
Dylan Keene Uukausi sitten
I've never seen someone who welds so much and still has so much hair on there hands lol or im just to poor for good PPE lol either way keep cranking out videos to teach and entertain us thanks Fin and 12 volt dave
Troy Motter
Troy Motter Uukausi sitten
Motion raceworks carrys plastic mockup blocks to build headers before you cut your tubing its like what your using but you can make the whole header and mirror it identically
Lendy Len
Lendy Len Uukausi sitten
I think you should get together with Freiburger for the road trip, it would be nice see to him in the mix! Roadkill reunion?!
Brendan Price
Brendan Price Uukausi sitten
That truck was actually the ugliest thing ive ever seen in my life
Shakie Jake
Shakie Jake Uukausi sitten
I really like that blue welding table you have
Mike D
Mike D Uukausi sitten
Audio is so much better, thanks for that👍 This video makes me think I need better friends. To get your truck up and running in 5 days will be awesome. Look forward to the next one!
M G Uukausi sitten
Man Legos
Jimbacca Sanders
Jimbacca Sanders Uukausi sitten
You know a deadline is needed for a project truck. Best way to get your minitruck done is the 3 days before a run and finishing it on the drive to said run.
Phil McKrakin
Phil McKrakin Uukausi sitten
3:21 Newbern looks preggo
James Barton
James Barton Uukausi sitten
Did they make all the header pipes equal length?
Jubal Wright
Jubal Wright Uukausi sitten
My buddy 3d printed a bunch of snap together standard bends for figuring out headers in a few turbo vehicles, he was also running fluid dynamic software to make sure pressure pulses weren't effecting each other, so way easier then build for fitment then re-figure for fitment and max power, toss me a message I'll see if he can build you a set
Matt Walters
Matt Walters Uukausi sitten
Those headers are gorgeous. Great work, y'all!
Kerry Evans
Kerry Evans Uukausi sitten
Here we go C10 Here we go.
Ze Dee
Ze Dee Uukausi sitten
Best thing I did started useing blue lock on header bolts never a blown gasket again. Tighten from inside to outside get bolts very tight and no problems iron or alum heads. Also I use blue lock tight on most all bolts, oil pan, balancer, timing cover, fly wheel, header, distrubtor and more. Do the job right tight and once.
ian reed
ian reed Uukausi sitten
I recommend the ARP stainless header stud kit . They really work awesome , especially with the aluminum heads.
ericjon262 Uukausi sitten
I bought some flanges from stainless headers for a turbo V6 build, the experience left me a bit sour about them. Unfortunately they only offered one style of that flange, and the quality was lacking to the degree that I spent days developing my own flanges for the engine and had them laser cut more accurately.
Adventure and Gaming
Adventure and Gaming Uukausi sitten
I was always under the impression that each port had to have the same length header tube for the most efficient evacuation, is that not correct? Great work BTW, love to se the quality of your fabbing guys 🇷🇴🇬🇧👍🏻
Brett Spaulding
Brett Spaulding Uukausi sitten
Too bad freiburger never had the mindset of actually finishing a project. Between the ramp trucks , blasphemi, and game over, you are actually knocking work out. Most shows can't say that. I'm impressed.
Nathan Salinas
Nathan Salinas Uukausi sitten
When building the headers did y'all sequence the primaries into the collector based on the engine's firing order? I've heard it can help with scavenging, but am curious to hear your opinion. Thank you kindly! Awesome content! 🤘😎🤙
Donald Reese
Donald Reese Uukausi sitten
Who else liked this video the moment he said dog pile this truck and get it done
Jerry Horvath
Jerry Horvath Uukausi sitten
Them headers are bad ass. Nice job
RTZ RTZ Uukausi sitten
Hey finn Is that a mini lathe on the welding table in the corner or a pipe threader if it is a lathe What’s the story with it
tom stiel
tom stiel Uukausi sitten
that aluminium block is going to keep it from warping,,,,thats a stretch
Paul Anderson
Paul Anderson Uukausi sitten
Another interesting video. Thanks to Mike, Dave and the team. I have a question as someone who has never welded before. How do you finish off the welding in the middle of the primary's where they connect to the collector?
Joe Smith
Joe Smith Uukausi sitten
Every shop needs a shop dog and a shop truck it’s a Necessity
theraif Uukausi sitten
watched faster with the drop top stang.................. no acknowledge of you destroying that lawn chair
Micah Buchheit
Micah Buchheit Uukausi sitten
This is exactly the help I needed. I'm no dummy but this truly helps !! Thanks Bro !!
177SCmaro Uukausi sitten
A less expensive and more forgiving alternative for headers is using schedule pipe. It's thick enough it dosn't warp much, you can use a mig welder, you don't need to purge it (although it's a good idea), comes in all sorts of bends the one major drawback is it's quite heavy. Makes good short-mid length turbo headers but might not be practical for full long tube headers.
Richard Jordan
Richard Jordan Uukausi sitten
Did you draw a picture of McDonald's on the cardboard back window?
Opie Taylor
Opie Taylor Uukausi sitten
Is there an event in kernersville? Only half hour from there. And would love to see this thing in person.
Jesse Dias
Jesse Dias Uukausi sitten
Mike @ 11:12 you ever think of closing in that wall with plywood so you can use that entire wall to hang stuff on it?
matt vorhees
matt vorhees Uukausi sitten
Where did you get those adjustable coilover mounts on the front of your frame? I've looked everywhere and cant find them. I've looked up mrc Fabrication and can't find a website or contact info. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Mike Makuh
Mike Makuh Uukausi sitten
"Amazing", what just a couple "good ol boys" from the South can do!, With wall to wall goodies, sponsorship, and ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, MONEY!
Terminal Psychosis
Terminal Psychosis Uukausi sitten
Awesome work there. Better and better. And, it is absolutely heartwarming to see... the RoadKill donkey overseeing production. Mascot and Luck Charm. Without that magical piece of art, none of this would be possible. Well, maybe.
Steven Hage
Steven Hage Uukausi sitten
Happy to see the exhaust coming out the back instead of just dumping out the headers
Max Rudy
Max Rudy Uukausi sitten
Nate B
Nate B Uukausi sitten
There's something so satisfy about those last shots of you slipping the header into place! Knowing that you built that and there will be no question about fitment is a beautiful thing!
jcnpresser Uukausi sitten
Nice! 👌
Lloyd Ratsoy
Lloyd Ratsoy Uukausi sitten
Is that a Boykin Spaniel. My dad had one. Awsome dog if it is.
Ben N
Ben N Uukausi sitten
how about showing how to build custom headers on a car that has TERIBLE access instead of C10
Paul Lo Pinto
Paul Lo Pinto Uukausi sitten
I live in Arizona and am dreading summer but I can’t wait for you to get back to GAME OVER!!!! Love that boat.
Penwinn Uukausi sitten
I was once told by a old hot roder that when it comes to building headers it’s important to try to keep all of the tubing equal length for proper tuning. Is that in fact a necessity? Curious because i want to build my own.
Weareallbeingwatched Uukausi sitten
It is ideal but not necessary to have equal path lengths
Tappie313 Uukausi sitten
Finnegan: 'They sell kids to build turbo headers and turbo manifolds' Me: okay.. (2:50)
Andrew Weston
Andrew Weston Uukausi sitten
Can I ask why they are not equal length headers
GARAGE79R Uukausi sitten
Had a customer bring me one of the SHM kits to build headers. Flanges were not flat to begin with. Then I had cut and grind alot of material off to get them to actually bolt onto the motor. Part of that was head studs but the main part was they fouled on the plugs. Oh and not all the holes lined up so I had to open some of them up. Definitely shit flanges compared to who made yours. Then the SHM kit uses Rathgibson tubing and they never weld perfect there is always some contaminates coming up in the weld puddle. Ive seen this before and it's just strange, I dont have this issue with higher quality stainless, or hell even the cheap Vibrant tubing welds cleaner. The collectors were pretty decent tho.
J just J
J just J Uukausi sitten
When you were talking about your younger slimmer better looking 2007 self you said you should of seen me well guess what I've been watching roadkill since episode one so I did see you like that
J just J
J just J Uukausi sitten
U remember gups 727 Holden clubsport. I saw it race today at powercruise
76fordjunky Uukausi sitten
that things going to sound like freiburgers muscle truck.......
Classic Cut Garage
Classic Cut Garage Uukausi sitten
Whatever happened to your Corvette?
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 Uukausi sitten
He gave it back to the original owner.
Chris Golding
Chris Golding Uukausi sitten
Nice job Dave
Tj Hupp
Tj Hupp Uukausi sitten
I'm getting a real Stacey David vibe and I'm loving it.
Elliot Uukausi sitten
What are those GoPro mounts you are using? They look real secure.
Elliot Uukausi sitten
Does it matter that all the primaries are different lengths? Is that less concern when forced induction is used?
dirtdude Uukausi sitten
this is way better than the old finnegan & friburger show
Kumpel Blase
Kumpel Blase Uukausi sitten
my question would be: how long do the pipes on the individual cylinders have to be? I heard they should all be the same length? how do you measure that? and the second question: do you write down the individual measurements so that someone who wants to replicate this could possibly get these measurements from you?
Mr Ol Skül
Mr Ol Skül Uukausi sitten
What's the purpose of equal length headers and why didn't you go that route? Is it unnecessary in a forced induction engine like the LS1?
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