8 second Street Car Cruising the Las Vegas Strip!-Finnegan's Garage Ep.82 

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This is the story of how myself, 12-Volt Dave, Cotten, Merlin Johnson, Kelvy Limon and Brian Macy took Blasphemi to Las Vegas November 1-2, 2019 for the NHRA Dodge Pennsoil Nats, won a grudge match against another Gasser, and then went out cruisin.
Blasphemi has been on a tear lately while winning Hot Rod Drag Week's A/GAS class and then winning a best two of three grudge match in Vegas. In Vegas it ran 8.63, 8.66, 8.68 and 8.69 passes at over 155 mph. The darn thing is reliable and consistent enough to be a bracket race car even with the stick shift and straight axle suspension.
Now that the racing and cruising is over we've driven the car into the convention center for the annual SEMA Show and we'll have videos of this awesome event coming throughout the week. Stay tuned!
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John W
John W 4 kuukautta sitten
I'm late to the party but it looks like you put in the time to launch on the 2 step, might be time to step up the cage to the next level , are 7,'s in it's future ?
dan quinn
dan quinn 7 kuukautta sitten
about time you learned how drive it
Nick Eaton
Nick Eaton 7 kuukautta sitten
Please god stop chewing gum up close to the camera
Michael Hawn
Michael Hawn 7 kuukautta sitten
Newbern and Cotten are like an old married couple. I see them in their own future spin-off.
ShortStroke 8 kuukautta sitten
Party pulley is a strict mistress, and a temp IOU’s addiction! Lol
SLAM BOY 8 kuukautta sitten
I miss the Strip, sitting in the staging lanes sweating my ass off. Good times. Night races were better.
tony santos
tony santos 8 kuukautta sitten
I was working at the Time Slip booth at this race in Vegas....He could not get it to fire after the second pass....I said....put it in 2nd gear and I will push you and he said ok....Did not realize it was was a manual transmission....Pushed about 100 ft feet before it fired...and I was gasping for air...as I aint no kid anymore.....LOL
J J 10 kuukautta sitten
i love to have your car
Mike Hatcher
Mike Hatcher Vuosi sitten
I love 55 chevy's. My dad drove one a lot
Eddie De La Cruz
Eddie De La Cruz Vuosi sitten
Lol awesome episode n cool music at the end lol
J G Vuosi sitten
6:59 my favorite part
Shiloh Store
Shiloh Store Vuosi sitten
I love living in LAS VEGAS
Ironwind1972 Vuosi sitten
Why do people always have to flash the sign of the goat. Do they even know what it really means?
bobby Troy
bobby Troy Vuosi sitten
you should line up against leroy, it would def be a close race. low 8's shootout
tetepeb Vuosi sitten
Time to fix that trunk and back-window ones and for all!
JK Vuosi sitten
"Dad we're gonna be late for school!" .... "Don't worry kids I'll just switch it from street tune to race!"
Michael Stanford jr.
I thought the video was sped up at first. Then realized the blasphemi just hauls ass
cntsles fabrication
cntsles fabrication Vuosi sitten
I got a 5,000sqft shop and right above the shop is my house so if you need to work on anything or park truck and trailer let me know. I'm just west of the I-15 freeway on Sunset Rd. No neighbors at all so I don't have to worry about anyone bitchin about being to loud or it's to late. Work as long as you want or need to finish the job and the bed is a ride up the elevator or stairs whatever floats your boat
rocky jaydog
rocky jaydog Vuosi sitten
if you are power shifting why do you keep releasing the gas?
rocky jaydog
rocky jaydog Vuosi sitten
use a toothpick instead of gum, it will butch you up even more.
Mr. Big
Mr. Big Vuosi sitten
Misleading title. I thought you guys were going to drive down the actual strip in this thing and film reactions. Fake and gay.
v0nndermaxx Vuosi sitten
I had a 55 with 396,Hedman headers,Holley 750.Muncie 4 speed,Hurst shifter,traction bars,super stiff suspension,fat tires,Cragar ss mags,no back seat ,150 model,black interior,camero buckets no seat belts,chrome window trim,faded brown L.A. city car paint.Cruised Vegas strip in 1971. Lots of fun.I did not build this car bought it for 800 bucks.
Tony Harrell
Tony Harrell Vuosi sitten
I could smell the clutch dust, honest! 😂😂😂
Cameron Gallant
Cameron Gallant Vuosi sitten
How does this transmission work? I see he doesn’t have to clutch during shifts but it’s not a sequential. What’s the lever/handle for on the shifter?
Imbrium Vuosi sitten
It's some sorta crash box, similar to a rally car gearbox. You only need to clutch during downshifts.
Mike White
Mike White Vuosi sitten
More boost means more fun lol
Tim Greer
Tim Greer Vuosi sitten
Finnegan's garage needs to get on moter trend
Bruce Borneman
Bruce Borneman Vuosi sitten
Glad you got to do that! I know that car was a dream of yours before you ever bought it and it's nice to see your dream come to fruition! Congrats! That is definitely not a roadkill car!
MrYeet540 Vuosi sitten
If you guys are ever down in Florida/Texas with blasphemi you should plan accordingly so you can go to cleetus and cars
Big Al
Big Al Vuosi sitten
Every time I see and hear this baby... I smile.
Wanous 1966
Wanous 1966 Vuosi sitten
8 second car when it runs and is not broke down
Keith Hurd
Keith Hurd Vuosi sitten
I need the audio clip of the hemi rpm limiting at the line - it'll be my ringtone, alarm and ... others :P
George Mondschein
George Mondschein Vuosi sitten
Rocky Easterline
Rocky Easterline Vuosi sitten
And I don't care if it is a big block take that to 9 Grand
Rocky Easterline
Rocky Easterline Vuosi sitten
Are you doing 8 mile or quarter everyone says specify because nobody does
Pengamen Kamar Project
I think this is quarter mile
Rocky Easterline
Rocky Easterline Vuosi sitten
Try taking that thing up to nine grand before shifting it don't be afraid of it
Cranky MotorSports
Cranky MotorSports Vuosi sitten
my adrenaline pumps watching the in-car videos of Mike driving. I love Blasphemi.
John Brown
John Brown Vuosi sitten
C'mon guys.....This content is way better than "The Clown And Poser Show"...AKA "Road Kill"....
hobbeekid Vuosi sitten
Who did your roll cage???
98turbskicivic Vuosi sitten
Are you clutchless shifting ur Gaser. I haven't watched the build on it so I apologise for a newb question just thought that was pretty cool
asianphoenix808 Vuosi sitten
OMG that was awesome! Thanks for sharing your vids!!
Ldog Harycokanbalz
Ldog Harycokanbalz Vuosi sitten
That car needs a lenco
Show Me
Show Me Vuosi sitten
Dude I love the incar view we can see anticipation when the light goes off the focus and drive cool video bro
jbr496 Vuosi sitten
It would be cool to actually have a LS equipped '55 Chevy UBER car for real. You'd make a killing.
The sinner Jim Whitney
.006?is HOT!
The sinner Jim Whitney
You needn't worry about fast Corvettes...
The sinner Jim Whitney
I always suck up tight with my dogs. Yeah, in the majority of the States, it gets cold in the winter! Haha!
roomba Vuosi sitten
Are you still running the aluminum block you put in during the episode of Roadkill that replaced the broken engine that you had?
J T Vuosi sitten
Slipper clutch maybe?!?!
Courtney Shoemaker
Courtney Shoemaker Vuosi sitten
MD to Vegas .. miss u in MD!!!!
oliver streetmachine
What happened to the race with Farmtruck ?
DAVE Jr ADKINS Vuosi sitten
U 2 guys need to try and keep ur composer and and at least act a little professional Stop being goofballs and let Finnegando all the talking Lol bahahaha
jim h
jim h Vuosi sitten
I love that ranchero!!
Shifttube Vuosi sitten
gooood thing you didn't do 3 out of 6 the other guy was turning his shit way up
Shifttube Vuosi sitten
hey finn my all motor Honda b runs that all it needs is a little nitro in her
FenceWalker Vuosi sitten
Great video....Great car....cheers from Brian's dad....Pioneer Ca.
Mark Parker
Mark Parker Vuosi sitten
I absolutely love the car and your enthusiasm Mike. Nice work sir. Reminds me of the car my dad talked about building in his young Air force days in Montana around 60ish,51 Ford 4 door. 392 hemi, truck diff with a chain driven blower. I hope dad wasn't talking shit.
oldsledpurgatory Vuosi sitten
It just wouldn't be Vegas without "the blow"
The Michael Vortex
The Michael Vortex Vuosi sitten
Steve Skouson
Steve Skouson Vuosi sitten
BlaspHemi? Yes, it is heresy to soil a Mopar engine, with a Chevrolet body. Mike, been following since you guys towed the car up to Oregon. AWESOME car! (I was joking about the heresy.) steve
Emily An
Emily An Vuosi sitten
The perfect name for that car, and it's hard to resist an 8 second street car.
Jocke Selin
Jocke Selin Vuosi sitten
*tips-virtual-hat* Kudos, Sirs, kudos!
Thomas Nathan
Thomas Nathan Vuosi sitten
Is he still running the Tremec or has he swap it out for a Liberty
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Vuosi sitten
That two step 🔥
Emily An
Emily An Vuosi sitten
"Haven't driven the car... since Drag Week, except for taking the kids to school in it" They're the coolest kids in the whole school now!
Lordcroak Vuosi sitten
4 passes within 0.08 - man that's driving
Brad Hartmeister
Brad Hartmeister Vuosi sitten
Why not run her on meth ?
Andy Francis
Andy Francis Vuosi sitten
Mike, you should race Cleetus McFarland's Corvette Ruby.
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Vuosi sitten
Two Lane Blacktop for real
Brendan Geraghty
Brendan Geraghty Vuosi sitten
Nice runs! I thought the Hemi made more power with the air filter on, why are you running it sans filter?
Scott Koenig
Scott Koenig Vuosi sitten
As a automotive journalist, are you able to deduct any of the expenses you have in building & maintaining your cars?
Jerry Hager
Jerry Hager Vuosi sitten
That thing is broken down more than it runs!!!!!
Christopher Italiano
I loved the in-car video with the whole pass. Way to grab those gears!
LDN Wholesale
LDN Wholesale Vuosi sitten
Boot lid coming off = use 4 pins. Windows blowing out= mount perspex with screws or eurathane. Drivers door glass blows out= mount the thing properly. Road race Holden Torana,, fast tracks 175mph flat out for 20 sec and nothing under a 100mph. Never had a window blow out. I used a half window with a small kick out on the drivers door riveted to the door frame. At one stage had a slide up window in the door to lock car on the trailer though at the track that was always down. Lets a bit of air in and fumes out. Oh,,, and party pulley and goes slower!
Lisa D
Lisa D Vuosi sitten
Chris Clark
Chris Clark Vuosi sitten
Why does it make the popping sound prior to launch?
Chris Clark
Chris Clark Vuosi sitten
@The Workshop Mechanic ok, didn't think about that.
The Workshop Mechanic
Chris Clark The rev limiter
Chris Servoss
Chris Servoss Vuosi sitten
I'm a big fan of Mike and Blasphemi. My eight year old son and I love watching these videos together.
FloridaBoi 561
FloridaBoi 561 Vuosi sitten
Damn BLASPHEMI is a beast,Mike has transformed her into a truly bad ass ride,nice!
akallio9000 Vuosi sitten
"Haven't driven the car... since Drag Week, except for taking the kids to school in it" They're the coolest kids in the whole school now!
Brad Bozarth
Brad Bozarth Vuosi sitten
If I took a flight to Vegas it would take me an Hour!
Richard Levy
Richard Levy Vuosi sitten
Launch control? No fair. Where's the skill in letting off the brakes with the gas pedal pinned?
David Snow
David Snow Vuosi sitten
Two Lane Blacktop for real
Brandon Anderson
Brandon Anderson Vuosi sitten
Dosen't your uber driver work for welder up lol
jeffrey hollenbeck
jeffrey hollenbeck Vuosi sitten
nothing like having true ground pound'er on the streets lot of my friends that drag race for a living have cars like this just for the street one of my buddies has a 55 chevy pu with a stroked 454 fully blown with hemi heads talk about making the ground shake . all i have is a pro built 327 that bell automotive built it only runs 1200 hp on pump gas with no nitro. but it still shakes the ground but it will hold 11,000 rpms been over 15,000 rpms . we pulled it out of rick news dragster then put a lot of money in it . old man bell said he built the block like a indy engine with the dragster top end this way i could run lower gears and still keep the top speed up . we did everything u caan do too a sb chevy even polished the inside of the block so the oil would drop faster ported everything water and oil matched the tunnel ram ports to the head ports that we ported out made 202 angle plug heads to 204 ported the exhaust and intake ports on the heads so we could have cast on cast last a lot longer season the block . we built it in the early 90's and it still runs hard been through 15 races lot of driving on the street but it would over heat after a bit in heavy traffic but never popped a head gasket . old man bell said it was the crazies sb he had ever built for the street . first rig we put it in was a stock 77 camaro that did not go good it twisted the car so bad that the windshield popped out so we had to build a car for it re forced everything .
Stepside1986 Vuosi sitten
lol Right... So many things wrong with this story.
roknroy1 Vuosi sitten
dude he blew my windows off!!
William Bennett
William Bennett Vuosi sitten
What a magnificently envisioned car dude....the lines w that stance paint and the name perfect...thumbnails gonna pull me every time for sure
suicidal racing
suicidal racing Vuosi sitten
man you living in ga,im shocked you dont try an run blasphemi in the south east gassers association ..
Erik Carter
Erik Carter Vuosi sitten
what trans/ shifter are you running?
Pete Witt
Pete Witt Vuosi sitten
dat sweet, sweet iMovie loop tho!
Steve Fife
Steve Fife Vuosi sitten
He has it dialed in. Sounds perfect. Nice job
LS6-SS Vuosi sitten
Got damnnnn that 55 hooks.
Team Rūsa
Team Rūsa Vuosi sitten
John Chase, better hold on for the rematch
Joey Vuosi sitten
The music you used at the beginning of the video reminds me a lot of the My Name is Earl theme song.
drglinski Vuosi sitten
Nice video. Camera work was great and it was edited great- awesome content! Also like that you run some sort of HANS device of sorts- too many people end up with basilar skull fractures. Sweet car and congrats on the wins.
It blows my mind that you've finally got a combination that can run 8 seconds consistently, without needing a teardown in between runs.
CGT80 Vuosi sitten
For a while it seemed impossible considering the engine tear downs on pick-nick benches and all that.
BeaterWRX Vuosi sitten
Real talk how do they not kick you off the track for the day if you have parts almost flying off like that? That seems wildly dangerous and something that wouldn't be tolerated at events with cars running at a fraction of the speed as a drag strip.
GERMAN JESUS Vuosi sitten
Man that was a close race But you are consistent as a clock man.
fishfuxors Vuosi sitten
Hmmmm, wonder what she'll do at Bonneville. =d
Imbrium Vuosi sitten
Lose most of her bodywork
Kurt Poblenz
Kurt Poblenz Vuosi sitten
Best thing he ever did was put a Hemi in that Chevy 🤘🤘🤘
Electronics For Fun
Electronics For Fun Vuosi sitten
remember when low 10s was a dream for this car? oh the evolution.
gre p
gre p Vuosi sitten
Points. Dwell.... jets...
wrodgers21 Vuosi sitten
Somebody didn't check in on time.. lol
JustAddDirt77 Vuosi sitten
Might want to look at the steering quick release coupler, and or the steering shaft to the steering box.. Right after he hits the chute, and lets off throttle, watch the steering shaft move forward (7:10-15ish mark). That could get ugly.Might make sure there is a stop clamp, a tack weld on the base of steering shaft/ column, or just before a Heim joint to prevent shaft pulling back.Don't want the steering shaft pulling off the steering box.Could get dangerous for him, a competitor, and all spectator, and everyone else when he drives it on street.
Bob Ordewald
Bob Ordewald Vuosi sitten
As always, a well done video. I wish I was with you guys!
Mike Jones
Mike Jones Vuosi sitten
What's in that green falcon /ranchero
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