A Littles History and a Rollcage for My Chevy C10: Finnegan's Garage Ep.87 

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It's a new year and a new decade so why not look back on the history of my 1967 Chevrolet C10 show truck while also crafting a custom-build roll cage for it? The dudes from MRC Fabrication in Walnut Grove, North Carolina, dropped by the garage to help build a cage that will stiffen the tube chassis and provide a measure of safety if I ever crash the truck at high speeds. Remember these are the guys who installed the Mittler Bros Hydroshox:
on the C10 last year. They also installed a new mandrel bent front clip and suspension.
My plan is to drive this truck this year so keep an eye out for more videos on its progress. Want a shirt, hoodie, hat or FSM stickers? visit my store:
I've even got gear dedicated to this unfinished project of mine! thanks for watching:

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Jordan Walker
Jordan Walker Uukausi sitten
Whats the best brand death wheel? I've tried alot n jw
AB-80X 3 kuukautta sitten
Falken tires? What happened to the Micheilns?
Jim Hughart
Jim Hughart 7 kuukautta sitten
How in the hell do you weld the top of the halo bars or any others you can't see? You must explain this to us! I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering about this.
Rick Wallen
Rick Wallen 7 kuukautta sitten
Rick from Glendale Arizona oh, and I just got done watching Roadkill, congratulations on your drag week win with the 55
tim goins
tim goins 8 kuukautta sitten
I like your roll cage I wish I could afford to get one for my church C10 this show is freaking awesome man I have been watching all your shows I hope you keep it up
KOB 9 kuukautta sitten
Can't hear a fukin' thing here 20:00 Think about that some watch on laptops... even when it's "ok" is just barely ok.
John Gonzales
John Gonzales 10 kuukautta sitten
I'm sure your wife is like mine , doesn't mind all the noise and hrs in the garage . Really supportive of what we do . Can't wait for the truck to be done .
John O'brien
John O'brien Vuosi sitten
Cool videos, keep um coming!! Is it just me, or did your pipe-bending buddy sound like Junior Johnson reincarnated!?!? Actually gave me chills!!! I propose a new saying instead of the played out ".... needs more cowbell"... How bout ".... needs more COTTEN!!!" Awesome videos guys... even you 12v/cdl/fuel the strip Dave!! 😂😂😎
RisingStar Vuosi sitten
This truck better not have a rattle or shake in the works when it’s done haha
Roger Fleury
Roger Fleury Vuosi sitten
Roger Fleury
Roger Fleury Vuosi sitten
geoff donovan
geoff donovan Vuosi sitten
This is literally the project i want finished the most and yet it drags on the longest lol
Chando1986 Vuosi sitten
Dang fin u rock
Hot Rod Dave
Hot Rod Dave Vuosi sitten
could you have hole sawed the dash and feed the a pillar down bars through the dash before welding? That is a sick build. Love a C10
Carsandconcerts Vuosi sitten
Awesome C10 and motor...can’t wait to see the next video!!!👍👍👍
Nate Doggydog
Nate Doggydog Vuosi sitten
So neat. Love me a little Finnegan's Garage
Working All Day
Working All Day Vuosi sitten
Mike you seem like an awesome dude, you remind me of my bro. I’d love to wrench with you some day. Thanks for all the videos
Barn Workz
Barn Workz Vuosi sitten
Newbern and those hoody strings 23:05 had to look away! :0
Rick Newman
Rick Newman Vuosi sitten
Badass video!
Jeffrey Pauly
Jeffrey Pauly Vuosi sitten
Just curious why did you have the cut off wheel so flat when you cut out the dash
Reese McMahan
Reese McMahan Vuosi sitten
I couldn’t stop looking at the el Camino while they were bending the roll cage. Love your cars!!
BEP BEP Vuosi sitten
Iraggi Alts mmmm
UndecidedHobbies Vuosi sitten
Have you ever seen what happens when you use a grinder with no guard and wear a hoodie with the strings hanging down?
Nathan Hendrickson
Nathan Hendrickson Vuosi sitten
The only way you can have a ginormous White board with “parts to buy” written on it is to work out of your house in the automotive industry 😂😎 the rest of us married men keep that on the DL 😁
Lane Mendenhall
Lane Mendenhall Vuosi sitten
He is married
Ed Wilkins
Ed Wilkins Vuosi sitten
Why is the cage built so far away from the a-piller? My mate used to build cages for world rally cars and their just a few mm of the piller so very little tie in is needed flush fit cage
Chris Parker
Chris Parker Vuosi sitten
You can just Zues it back together...
will hull
will hull Vuosi sitten
What color are you going to paint it.
Nightmare Proportions
Thank you so much for this video. Cannot wait to see how you incorporate the roll cage through the back wall to the frame. Giving me great ideas for the ‘52 Chev I’m building.
Alex Mayer
Alex Mayer Vuosi sitten
Hey Mike great vids an awesome content but my question is. Was there a reason you didn’t tie the cage into the trucks frame ?
Alex Mayer
Alex Mayer Vuosi sitten
Aaah I see you are. Should have watch entire video before post question SMH 🤷🏼‍♂️LoL.
Kenneth Nielsen
Kenneth Nielsen Vuosi sitten
ziiofswe Vuosi sitten
No deathwheel guard? Shame... Shame...
Monty Crain
Monty Crain Vuosi sitten
Love how those guys are so laid back and nonchalant with all their tips and tricks, I really loved it when they cut off and replaced your front suspension.
Luke Marquardt
Luke Marquardt Vuosi sitten
I think Cleetus' Dale truck would be a fun thing to race.
Tintin Vuosi sitten
2:40 '....hence the roll cage we're gonna build here today.' You mean the one that's already insatalled behind you? :)
SSC Everything Cummins
did you change out your tires on the forge lines i watched the vid where you had tires mounted up with the zero weight balance that was impressive learnt that sweet air down then re air up trick to bring the tire back to true . props
Roger Talley
Roger Talley Vuosi sitten
Take that Firewall back about 6" and set your engine back about 4" and it really really makes them handle a ton better.
COVID-20 Lit
COVID-20 Lit Vuosi sitten
zeake13 Vuosi sitten
You guys need some bionic face shields as much as you use those cutting wheels.
Deuce Vuosi sitten
Nice gloves when cutting the dash out ;)
Anthony Rennick
Anthony Rennick Vuosi sitten
You could always use a Volvo electric power steering pump. Then you would not have to change accessories.
Tuchodi Carlson
Tuchodi Carlson Vuosi sitten
Doesn't fit close enough to the cab for my liking . Love the truck though
Ryan Underhill
Ryan Underhill Vuosi sitten
I must have been 14, reading sport truck magazine,g watching this truck get built up. Now all these years later I can appreciate what got me into trucks all that time ago. You were my idol. Every time you tell some story's of the sport truck days I'm so tuned in. Your the best man y
hosscaddy Vuosi sitten
Why not use the dbw steering? They make them for early camaros id imagine that setup would work for u
TheMadSnap'er Vuosi sitten
where did u get your bender and will it do exhaust tooooo.. where did they get their bender too
biro24 Vuosi sitten
I had a angle grinder disk shatter on me when I was cutting a tile 😣 I get nervous every time I see one now
badad0166 Vuosi sitten
Suit up or at least a full face shield. I took a divot out of a finger with a flap wheel once in a hurry. Damned if it didn't grow back.
Darrin Murley
Darrin Murley Vuosi sitten
Very cool 👍👍👍👍
Gasratz Customs
Gasratz Customs Vuosi sitten
Very clean !!! Nice when you have the right tools
TurboDieselDan Vuosi sitten
I always thought diagonal bars going through the back of a pick up ruins the look. I know its not NHRA legal but maybe place them slightly above the bed rail to maintain the not a race truck look. Just add more triangulation in other areas if the decreased safety bugs you.
Too Tight Concepts
Too Tight Concepts Vuosi sitten
Now this is what I like to see something constructive instead of tearing stuff up all the time on road kill let’s see how far the truck gets this year
JOSHUA v1.0 Vuosi sitten
sloth jr
sloth jr Vuosi sitten
What a great episode! Thanks for this channel, I've learned a ton.
Jeff Collicker
Jeff Collicker Vuosi sitten
Cleetus has the Dale truck
Donny Crawford
Donny Crawford Vuosi sitten
are there days you just know your going to wake up at 2 am looking for slices of potatoes for your eyes?
gullreefclub Vuosi sitten
You get a thumbs down for that dam annoying music PS Cleetus is spelled with Two E”s not one you dipstick.
Joseph Vuosi sitten
Its cleetus not cletus
Matt Misanthropy
Matt Misanthropy Vuosi sitten
I don't understand why people cut their dash like that. It looks terrible. Especially being something old and not easily replaceable. Is there a reason you couldn't just hole saw it and slide the tubing through?
Me Me
Me Me Vuosi sitten
nice Valvoline gear oil barrel
David Windsor
David Windsor Vuosi sitten
Looks good buddy. 👍🙂
Scooter Tramp
Scooter Tramp Vuosi sitten
Question, I've been watching the progress you are making on this thing for about 2 years now. I'm 67 years old. Are you going to get this thing finished before I croak or am sh*t outta luck. Because if I'm outta luck I will just quit watching it now..........
John King
John King Vuosi sitten
1967 Chevrolet C10 is a relatively unique beast. My first vehicle:)
Dale Belseth
Dale Belseth Vuosi sitten
Like watching paint dry
Dale Belseth
Dale Belseth Vuosi sitten
My experience is .120 is the minimum wall thickness for main hoops and support. Triangulation support .095 is ok.
Ethan Robinson
Ethan Robinson Vuosi sitten
What is the song around 22 minutes? I’ve tried to find that Audio for awhile now
Wayne Mahomet
Wayne Mahomet Vuosi sitten
Pipe bending is a pain in the A*s. I would do the math multiple times and would still manage to screw it up occasionally.
Elijah Vuosi sitten
Why not do drive by wire steering? Just curious
Maximus Decimus Meridius
Laid-off, go figure. After working for and being laid-off by a few car mags, this the exact reason I got out of publishing in the late-90s. The writing was on the wall with the advent of the internet and social-media platforms. Plus, the salary really sucked working as an Editor.
LukeTheJoker Vuosi sitten
Yes! Another C10 video!
Dan Thompson
Dan Thompson Vuosi sitten
One of the coolest mods I saw this year was a 59 Impala dash put into a 67-72 chevy truck cab.
K4rt80y Vuosi sitten
If an Artenator is a beautiful alternator, is a Ralphenator an alternator that's unsafe at any RPM?
isaac galea
isaac galea Vuosi sitten
bring back roadkill
Derek Tomes
Derek Tomes Vuosi sitten
That LT4 makes a great tool shelf.
David Drescher
David Drescher Vuosi sitten
25:45 Not a sound you want to hear when fussing with an artanator, hooked up or not.
Serbia73 Vuosi sitten
I highly recommend using Bend Tech if you have SolidWorks CAD and work with roll cages a lot. We used it in engineering school for an off-road baja project and it saved us so much time during bending and fabrication of the roll cage. There is even a feature where you can take your 3D CAD model and print out the shape of the end of a joint on paper and then put the paper on the end of tube stock to show you how to notch the end to get the angle you want. I really enjoy your videos!
Matt Clegg
Matt Clegg Vuosi sitten
This is by far one of the best C10 builds on FIplace right now. I've had a 1969 C10 since high school and I can't wait to go back through it like this.
Nathan Haroldsen
Nathan Haroldsen Vuosi sitten
Do a 2005 volvo s40 electronic hydrologic power steering pump instead of a belt driven power steering pump
Nathan Haroldsen
Nathan Haroldsen Vuosi sitten
I did it on my 66 f250. It worked out awesome.
Karl Pokorny
Karl Pokorny Vuosi sitten
Astra and mr2 are electric over hydraulic too
RedEyed Patriot
RedEyed Patriot Vuosi sitten
Steeltree - fabricating and customs
Try notching tube in lathe I made a v block to hold the tube on quick the change tool post I use a ruffing end mill 6” long to cut the tube I’ve been able to do left and right tubes notched in less than a min in talking perfect notch It’s so fast
Gary Tuttle
Gary Tuttle Vuosi sitten
91sonomast1 Vuosi sitten
Can you do fish plates through the back of the cab? Would be cool and functional and not so hard to weatherproof rather than just a bar coming through the cab......cab is still removable if need be!
Rebeldryver's Garage
The lead in picture of the video showing the C10 in faded glory looks nearly identical to my 67 GMC when I bought it. Same paint color and the deluxe trim.
Cduerr92 Vuosi sitten
Gandrud auto group is a local business here in Green Bay, Wi!
Eric Mcpherson
Eric Mcpherson Vuosi sitten
Great video as always. I would like to know more about the stands, mainly the ends that hold the tubes. The look to have a lock , then a fine adjustment bolt.
Gari Hughes
Gari Hughes Vuosi sitten
Use the gaurd on the grinder!! So scary what can go wrong.
Brent Vuosi sitten
so instead of a 3400 accessory kit... a mini cooper electric power steering pump should solve your issue. you're welcome
Paul MacDonald
Paul MacDonald Vuosi sitten
Finally after buying all your hoodies and t shirts your getting on with the 67 C10,I am building a 68 GMC 910 so watching things like roll cage fit for street truck etc.Thanks for diving in on your 67!
rog allen
rog allen Vuosi sitten
What about the cross bar on the halo hoop
bigcountry0989 Vuosi sitten
Enjoy the videos and all the road kill stuff cant wait for your new show to come on. I live about 30 mins from your town but in the town next door to yours every day Hope one day to run into you at a store or something and get to meet you. You seem like genuine good person and humble to. Most famous people are ass holes you don't seem to be that way.
David Snow
David Snow Vuosi sitten
Mike, Can you add the significant tools used by Part Number or model. One is the DeWalt angle grinder.
Kyle Pirko
Kyle Pirko Vuosi sitten
Finnigan, this is kinda random but you have had your time in the spotlight made some coin and you have a chance to get out before scandal. Maybe you should take it. If your country has taught us anything the path of famous people rarely ever end well.
The New Normal
The New Normal Vuosi sitten
I think you should keep the original dash if possible
John Innis
John Innis Vuosi sitten
Dude, you promised us a link to those seats?
franko send it
franko send it Vuosi sitten
C8 rear sub frame swap
Data Sailor
Data Sailor Vuosi sitten
Have you seen the new Mercedes Benz M256 engine? It has an IAS or integrated starter/alternator. It is also a 21 BHP motor with 160 ftpbs of torque. Theirs is located at the back of the engine, but as an aftermarket item I'd want to replace the front damper with it. BTW the engine has no accessory belts. None. Zero. The A/C compressor has a built-in electric motor. The water pump is electric as is the power steering. The system runs at the upcoming standard of 48 volts and has a modest Lithium Ion battery pack and a 48 to 12 volt converter for legacy accessories. Think what you can do in terms of packaging in cramped hot rods. Engine warm? Run the water pump after shutting the engine off. Check it out. It's cool.
power addict
power addict Vuosi sitten
Just what I needed to get motivation for some progress on my 67 C10!
John Spencer
John Spencer Vuosi sitten
good god another old school truck with modern crap stuffed in it
Lil dick Daddy
Lil dick Daddy Vuosi sitten
John Spencer lucky you’re not being forced to drive it or even watch this
Chris W
Chris W Vuosi sitten
I wish Jimmy was closer or I was closer to him. He's a wealth of knowledge. It just costs so much to have things shipped to the other coast.
Mr.Badluck Vuosi sitten
You cut the dash?!!! Ah great its not original anymore..... I can't wait till she done.
s anonymous
s anonymous Vuosi sitten
you need better zip cut wheels, those look like they take forever to cut. Walther might be expensive but they cut fast and last long
Alessandro Tempo
Alessandro Tempo Vuosi sitten
It's a normal hydraulic tube bender.. it doesn't turn automatically on the axel.. pretty easy to use 🙂 super cool btw!!
Alessandro Tempo
Alessandro Tempo Vuosi sitten
Super cool btw!!
Kluck Fabrication
Kluck Fabrication Vuosi sitten
How did they manage to weld the top of the cage?
Buying New C8 Corvette!!
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