Blown and Body Dropped C10 Gets New Steering-Finnegan's Garage Ep 85 

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First I want to thank everyone who subscribes to this channel and has spread the word about it. It's very humbling to see the passion you all have for modifying cars and that you'd spend any of precious time here with me. This episode revisits the truck you've been asking me to work on all year long- my 1967 Chevy C10. This is the truck my friends and I built 10 years ago, that I sold right after it was running, and that I bought back a couple of years ago. My goal is to be driving it by spring time. Today I took a big step toward making that happen by finishing the steering system. Here is a breakdown of the parts and tools I in this video:
Woodward Precision Power Steering
-aluminum steering column Part# WOO-SCA500
-steering column clamp Part# WOO-SBC80-1
-quick disconnect Part# WOO-QRSN-1
Firewall bearing mount Part# WOO-SBC6-2
Steering U-joint Part# WOO-UA111109
Grant GT Steering Wheel Part #GRT-338
Fein Slugger 14-inch Metal Cutting Saw Part #: 72905361120

I'm also celebrating the unfinished project truck lifestyle by releasing a shirt and hoodie with my unfinished C10 in the artwork. You can find both of them on my website www.fsmgarage.com
Thanks for all the support and I'll keep on uploading more videos about my adventures with cars, trucks, boats, tools and other random junk.

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Peterson Oliveira
Peterson Oliveira 6 kuukautta sitten
Boa noite FIRST vai amém
Juan n ovalles
Juan n ovalles 6 kuukautta sitten
Such sexy language 😊 shaft, rod, double D, straight shot, flapping around, get filled, rack lol
Rick Wallen
Rick Wallen 7 kuukautta sitten
Mike, this is Rick from Glendale Arizona , can't wait to see that truck finished really looking great, when do you expect to get it finished
Ty Brown
Ty Brown 7 kuukautta sitten
Lookin' good
Eric Bush
Eric Bush 8 kuukautta sitten
Are you ever going to finish your 1969 dodge charger
Kye Hansen
Kye Hansen 9 kuukautta sitten
Weird interpretation and psychology but I feel like when he asked to like and subscribe and immediately put his hand in his pocket that leads me to believe he is very humble and he felt the awkwardness of not deserving to have likes and subscribers. You do deserve it Fin. I love your channel and you shouldn’t feel bad asking for support. Good job!
KOB 9 kuukautta sitten
Dalton Johnson
Dalton Johnson 9 kuukautta sitten
Who else seen donkey from the fury from roadkill hangin on the wall
Tony 9 kuukautta sitten
As much as I love the updates, I wonder if it will ever be complete 🤔🤔🤔
Barry Monroy
Barry Monroy 10 kuukautta sitten
Can you direct me to the best engine rebuilders in the I.E. Riverside California??? Please respond 🙏 Mike. ..
Chandler Harper
Chandler Harper 10 kuukautta sitten
Steering column is different then on the link hmm.... great truck keep up the work.
TrickStang 10 kuukautta sitten
You have a lot of cool ideas for that jewel C-10, I have a totally stock 1960 apache short bed, Im not sure which way I would like to go with a resto, do you know any good things about LMC Truck? parts that fit ect..?
Zombkill Flores
Zombkill Flores 10 kuukautta sitten
What is the color code for the blue ?
Native Raven
Native Raven Vuosi sitten
Hire me
Daniel Beachyt
Daniel Beachyt Vuosi sitten
I Got the sweatshirt and I wanted to say it’s awesome
djjohnnymusic Vuosi sitten
Hey dude, those steering linkages, you want the uni joints on each shaft to line up with each other, not be 90° like you've got yours. The same as you would a tail shaft. It will make the steering feeling more natural.
david mahan
david mahan Vuosi sitten
Why not air bags?
david mahan
david mahan Vuosi sitten
Subscribed on my phone watched on TV. Like your channel over Road Kill!
hellcat1988 Vuosi sitten
I've seen what can happen to the front end of those trucks in a collision. There is no such thing as enough to be safe when it comes to collapsible steering columns on those things unless you're under 20mph when you hit.
Roger Fleury
Roger Fleury Vuosi sitten
Roger Fleury
Roger Fleury Vuosi sitten
david carlile
david carlile Vuosi sitten
where did you get the inter fenders?
LA SH Vuosi sitten
I'm no mechanic but that steering seem a tad over complicated
nivesknight Vuosi sitten
If you switch out the bolt that holds the steering column with a bike set quick release. You can move it whenever...
Edward AUXBEAM Vuosi sitten
Hi sir, your video is so nice. This is Edward from Auxbeam Lighting. www.auxbeam.com/ May I ask you are you interested to test our products out. If yes, please feel free to contact me by email at edward@auxbeam.com. Thank you!
Work Shop
Work Shop Vuosi sitten
do you get more views then motortrend tv ?
Work Shop
Work Shop Vuosi sitten
get on top gear USA, replace the saved by the bell dude and the wannabe rally driver... bring along the other dude. we all win....
Shannon Lane
Shannon Lane Vuosi sitten
Mr. Finnegan....big fan and I know you are a busy man....love this truck and I have a 71 I am customizing.....couple questions if you dont mind to answer.....is that a factory color on the C10? If so what is the paint code? There a few similar and I know that looks to be some derivative of turquoise.......thanks a million!
BIG DICK Vuosi sitten
jeffrey hollenbeck
jeffrey hollenbeck Vuosi sitten
u sure have a pile of money in this rig but it is sweet i just love these pu i'm building a 68 but keeping it mostly stock with a stroked 454 with tunnewl ram thinking on putting a 2 inch drop spindles with disc breaks came stock with power breaks and power steering and air condition so i took the serpentine belt off a 94 chevy pu looks like factory put the engine in it came out better then i thought it would .got every thing painted but the body and interior under and drive train is all dun .
shane mcalister
shane mcalister Vuosi sitten
what inner fender wells are those? curious on manufacturer, interested in some for my '85 S10
DANNY STANLEY Vuosi sitten
Anybody know who makes those fender wells??
John Burke
John Burke Vuosi sitten
Mike your wife is beautiful I love your c10 I'm looking for one to bag and body with my son for his first ride
Justin Yount
Justin Yount Vuosi sitten
I love your c10 keep up the good work man😁
Finnigan will look like father christmas when this thing is finished in 25 years' time.
Adam Kolb
Adam Kolb Vuosi sitten
Your wife walking through randomly is the most real thing I have seen all year. #2020jokes
Danny Wilsher
Danny Wilsher Vuosi sitten
Last truck I built was a 67 like this one. I had a 427 BB out of a 69 4 door Biscayne police car (that I found out in a field) in it and it would light the tires at nearly any speed... Loved that truck!!!
thomas persson
thomas persson Vuosi sitten
Hi what is the color code on the c10 pickup?
Slowshop & Custom
Slowshop & Custom Vuosi sitten
Hey master Mike!! I was just watching the drag week episode and.... holy cow! Congratulations! I was in fkn tears at the end and it nearly felt like I was there with you. After following Blasphemi since the beginning it's like a family member even in my garage. Well done mate!
ibi nyth
ibi nyth Vuosi sitten
Anyone know if this setup would work with the stock power steering?
ibi nyth
ibi nyth Vuosi sitten
@michael s. clark I'll try to remember your interest.. I may just give it a try myself I can't see a reason for it not being possible
michael s. clark
michael s. clark Vuosi sitten
I'm interested in seeing myself
anton chigurh
anton chigurh Vuosi sitten
The Hat stupid the steering wheel stupid you're stupid and the trucks stupid
David Beattie
David Beattie Vuosi sitten
Mike, lets be honest here. The whole internet was waiting for your better half. Sorry dude. Your show is pretty good too.
jess valentine
jess valentine Vuosi sitten
I've been here since day 1
jess valentine
jess valentine Vuosi sitten
When you come to Tucson in January can you bring this truck
Major Media freak
Major Media freak Vuosi sitten
Finnegan I’ve been a big fan since you lived in orange county. It’s nice to see you come up and still be a cool uncle Guy. Keep up the good work!
Set Medic Sam
Set Medic Sam Vuosi sitten
Finish the boat! You were supposed to be boating this past summer :) I know we all get busy!
Jacob Bland
Jacob Bland Vuosi sitten
get you c-10 march here
willierepair One
willierepair One Vuosi sitten
👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 MINTY
Truck Talk Media
Truck Talk Media Vuosi sitten
Good to see you back on it brother!
Rich D
Rich D Vuosi sitten
Man, that is gonna be tough!
Fletcher Henery
Fletcher Henery Vuosi sitten
seeing the progress on this beast of a mini truck gives me the inspiration to buy and import my own dream mini truck (I'm from Australia) a Chevy Apache 3100, where should i look despite being half a world away? keep up the sick work mike!
Joe Pelanconi
Joe Pelanconi Vuosi sitten
Dude just smacked his door with the steering column,.......ughhhh
LukeTheJoker Vuosi sitten
The truck is back!
jim beam
jim beam Vuosi sitten
your a good guy .. right on like your videos
Jaime Cervantes
Jaime Cervantes Vuosi sitten
Lt5 he’ll ya 😝🤙 ? You’re a lucky 🍀 guy she’s a keeper 👍🏼 I just subscribed 👍🏼
jesus viloria arandia
Wow ese trabajo esta SuperBrutal en esa chevrolet C10 tengo una igual pero 1971 steep side yoda abollada pero aun rueda. lamentablemente en mi pais Venezuela la economía esta bastante mal, para hacer realidad un proyecto tan genial como el que ustedes hacen. felicitaciones mis respetos.
Big Al
Big Al Vuosi sitten
You need to get Mrs Finnegan into more shows. A well rounded man always has a good women beside him.
Daniel Kerr
Daniel Kerr Vuosi sitten
I've been following since day one roadkill, and you sir are an absolute gentleman!! I appreciate the content and admire your skills working on cars and behind the wheel, cheers mate
Dan Cunningham
Dan Cunningham Vuosi sitten
That steering rack looks like it is cutting in on some prime header realestate...
Nicholstop :
Nicholstop : Vuosi sitten
Dude hit the steering column on the car at the beginning of the vid. Body’s fuckin mint don’t dent it all up
Tax Payer
Tax Payer Vuosi sitten
It’s called ( channeling). Body drop is something the kids say when their beards are on fleek and their man buns are on point.
Figment078 Vuosi sitten
the donkey!
CaneAtvse Vuosi sitten
Truck just keeps getting better it seems like its taking forever but i know youre taking the time to make the truck perfect and i love it seeing it come along piece by piece
Cranky MotorSports
Cranky MotorSports Vuosi sitten
On Finnegan's garage, we do everything we should do on Roadkill, and completely ignore! @2:05 the roadkill donkey! I wish the steering in my 53 Bel Air was this easy- I still haven't finished it yet, because "Gasser"
Amin yashed
Amin yashed Vuosi sitten
News flash buddy, youtube is the new tv, you should do regular uploads, I’m tired of waiting on c10 videos lol
Kavinsky Smith
Kavinsky Smith Vuosi sitten
Just looking at 13:12, it might be a good idea to move that line to the left front shock absorber, which i presume is for the air ride, so it doesnt route itself under the rack and pinion connection there, as I just cant help but think wouldnt that thing possibly get wrapped up under it or in it under normal driving conditions or even just wear on it abit?
Gabe VanCappellen
Gabe VanCappellen Vuosi sitten
Saw the frame at LS Fest this year, amazing build. Also spoke with Jimmy there great guy. Hoping it’s done for the Autocross event in Bowling Green in the Fall of 2020. Been a fan since the Mini Truckin days. Burnt Taco is wallpaper on my ipad to this day and just picked up a body dropped Tacoma hoping to have it ready this spring.
Jeremy Condon
Jeremy Condon Vuosi sitten
I’m here to say it the audio didn’t suck! I didn’t have to even touch the remote! Great video Finnegan! Glad to see progress on the C10
CUDA519 Vuosi sitten
That big gaping war wound is what god made fill rod for not bondo
Mike Hatcher
Mike Hatcher Vuosi sitten
Awesome C10
w s l
w s l Vuosi sitten
saw company didnt pay you to say i love you but you didnt make that disclaimer when you said i love you to the wife? did she pay you to say it lol
Chevelle Rider
Chevelle Rider Vuosi sitten
Did I spy a Chevelle in the background?
Michael Salomonsson
Michael Salomonsson Vuosi sitten
Why don’t you finish any one of your projects? We need to see you run your jetturbo boat
Joshua Collins
Joshua Collins Vuosi sitten
I smashed that "like 👍" button like you smashed the steering column into the door. 🤣 Sorry, I couldn't resist typing that.
lilorbie lilorbie
lilorbie lilorbie Vuosi sitten
Mike I just found out that the TEN Company is killing off 19 magazines. I am glad that you have your own channel.
Yami.250 Vuosi sitten
What motor is in this
Big_Adam_2050 Vuosi sitten
Seems like someone could make a million dollars with just a gear box to move the steering shaft over like 4-6inches cuz wow thats a heck of a setup to steer.
Spaz 1966
Spaz 1966 Vuosi sitten
Hi MS. Finnegan, and big thanks to your better half for letting you do what you do to entertain and inform us.
Brenden Trail
Brenden Trail Vuosi sitten
Did you approve of the joe Biden ad? Lol
Jesse Harris
Jesse Harris Vuosi sitten
From Decatur Arkansas!!! Finally a true gear head with a bad ass show keep it up Roger's boy
Big Lake Hot Rods
Big Lake Hot Rods Vuosi sitten
Surprised you didn’t notch the frame to get that steering shaft closer. I predict you will need to make some changes once you try to fit headers. Could guess you’d be making headers like on the blasphemi. Good stuff learning a lot too!
Scott B
Scott B Vuosi sitten
WTF this is like the second time I have subbed to this channel.
M K Vuosi sitten
Finnegan needs a head mount for his go pro. Use both hands and record
Jim Vieraankivi
Jim Vieraankivi Vuosi sitten
Nice car 😍😍😍
Chris Scheiding
Chris Scheiding Vuosi sitten
Bonus. Finally get to see Finnegans wife 😍😎
Todd Kennedy
Todd Kennedy Vuosi sitten
Finnegan married up. Me too! Lol
Ryan C
Ryan C Vuosi sitten
Your firewall patch looks like Ray Charles welded it with his feet
Brandon Panozzo
Brandon Panozzo Vuosi sitten
cant wait to see this thing rip gunna be awesome for sure you the man mike
damagedbyus Vuosi sitten
Fix your hat
Steven Krause
Steven Krause Vuosi sitten
Great content as always, Mike! Keep it up. HMU if you want to get out on track; AMP, Road Atlanta, Charlotte Roval, Barber. I'm with an HPDE company out of ATL, can make it happen and would love to have you.
Matt Ruth
Matt Ruth Vuosi sitten
I just gotta say thank you to everyone involved in your videos it really is life saving to some ive been real sick with asthma complications and these videos really help raise my spirits thank you so much
I'mAlive Vuosi sitten
Do you pluck your eyebrows or do they naturally look like an LA Latinas drawn in ones?
Cody Jensen
Cody Jensen Vuosi sitten
Why can't we watch motortrend any for free the older episodes cuz he used to be able to now motor trend sucks
AMLagonda Vuosi sitten
You use a sexy model for your Merch store.... lol :p
PJ Dooley
PJ Dooley Vuosi sitten
Coming along nicely can't wait to see it done!
JohnnyLSX Vuosi sitten
How hard was that rack and pinion install? I’ve never swapped one but definitely feel the need.
udovdh Vuosi sitten
Mike, perhaps you can find stuff to learn about intercoolers, diff covers etc (with deep knowhow and explanations!) at fiplace.infovideos ? (for the C10, Blasphemi, etc)
Mikael Blombäck
Mikael Blombäck Vuosi sitten
@finnegan's Garage, you guys need to fix shipping to Sweden at your merch shop. As it is now you ship to almost any country but Sweden, don't get why not ? So even if i would love to get your merch there is no possibility to solve that right now. ;-) Aside from that love the channel and everything else you are in... Keep up the interesting work. =D
Michael Pierce
Michael Pierce Vuosi sitten
I built a 67 C10 with my 2 sons I just gave it to my oldest son this summer! My health isn't as good as it was and I know he will enjoy it. I love the body lines on old c10's
Marc Nicholson
Marc Nicholson Vuosi sitten
I’m sure it’s been asked but could you please tell me the episode where you changed the front end? I don’t remember it at all and would like to go back and watch it to refresh. Keep up the good work love the this channel and all the content on Motor Trend on-demand
Gabe's Garage
Gabe's Garage Vuosi sitten
Hey Mike, do you still work for TEN? I know it's in California and kinda far. Seems like your FIplace channel is gaining ground and I'm happy for you. Just curious bro. Keep the vids coming.
Finnegan's Garage
Finnegan's Garage Vuosi sitten
I still work on Roadkill, which is still owned by TEN/Discovery Communications and I also just wrapped the first season a new car show, also owned by Discovery. This FIplace channel is mine, though.