Finnegan's Garage Ep.48: '69 Pontiac Firebird Tire Smoke With Fully Functional Taillights! 

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I love this car but I had to sell this car to my brother because I love my '55 Chevy Bel Air, Blasphemi, even more and after blowing up two Hemis last summer I needed money to pay for them. So to keep this 1969 Pontiac Firebird in the family my brother bought it from me. Part of the deal was that I had to fix all the electrical gremlins that have plagued this car since it was partially rebuilt on two Roadkill episodes that saw Tony Angelo and I race One Lap of America.
The wiring on this car was a nightmare; there were splices, chewed up spots, missing ground connections and random switches added to control the headlights because the stock headlight switch didn't work. Enter Painless Performance.
I used the company's Pro Series wiring kit to replace every inch of wiring in the Bird and once I troubleshooted a brand-new and malfunctioning headlight switch, the engine roared to life, the lights lit and the tires made smoke. Check it out.
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Josh Brekke
Josh Brekke 14 päivää sitten
Right on Pontiac powered Pontiac!!! Great work Mike. I fear I may have to do this to my Tempest someday. Go fast first, perfect wiring and body later. Ongoing since 1995. Help you brother get some Posi/Safe-T-track in his Pontiac. For god sake please
Mike Barlow
Mike Barlow 2 kuukautta sitten
Hey what happend to the closed captions us deaf guys love watching this....
Andrew Binder
Andrew Binder 2 kuukautta sitten
Hello! I know this video is older, but I have a 1968 Pontiac with a 400 in it as well :) What actually killed the 400 in the roadkill episode? There was never really an answer on the episode what actually caused it to blow other than oil pressure/starvation. Did you ever figure out what the real culprit you think is?
Bubba Kushington
Bubba Kushington 3 kuukautta sitten
Love that you said you've never done it before that just shows anyone that can read and follow directions can do this.
MTZ SkunkWorks
MTZ SkunkWorks 4 kuukautta sitten
Didnt it come with a new headlight switch? Weird if not! My old wiper switch was intermittent, replaced it and no problems
julia rose
julia rose 5 kuukautta sitten
just two words "crack spackle"
Robbie Heath
Robbie Heath 5 kuukautta sitten
Those look like GM weatherpack/metripack crimping pliers.
Tom Adkins
Tom Adkins 5 kuukautta sitten
Close. GM 56 Series terminals. The crimpers are very similar, if not interchangeable the weatherpack series.
Hayden Logston
Hayden Logston 5 kuukautta sitten
Oh my god you played The Girl from Iwo Jima as you were reading. I thought I was going to bust a gut. Ya I know the real title to the song is The girl from Ipanema. But we called it Iwo Jima. I had a 1967 Firebird 400 four speed when I was a kid. Love that Firebird.
Mark Tilley
Mark Tilley 5 kuukautta sitten
I was wondering what happed to this car
Christopher Campbell
Christopher Campbell 6 kuukautta sitten
Why am I getting roadkilled 🤯🤬
Don Fredette
Don Fredette 8 kuukautta sitten
About how much did it cost
Keith Dunham
Keith Dunham 8 kuukautta sitten
Got a laugh out of the hat 🤣 butt crack cover
john Jacobs
john Jacobs 8 kuukautta sitten
Next ...posi for the fire chicken... And how to set up for the most bite!!
Pete Corcoran
Pete Corcoran 9 kuukautta sitten
gotta fix that 1 legger for him too
King1320 9 kuukautta sitten
The hat isn’t really there for the butt crack, it’s actually covering a very tastefully done tramp stamp....... by the way who or what the fuck is a “Freiburger”?
George fahrman
George fahrman 11 kuukautta sitten
Thanks fin for the zip tie moment
Scotty Fisher
Scotty Fisher 11 kuukautta sitten
Dam that music sucks!!!!!!!!!
Michael B
Michael B Vuosi sitten
FSM hats are the solution to can't look away Plumber's crack. Invest in their stock, you will make some serious returns.
The Kiwi Road Rager
The Kiwi Road Rager Vuosi sitten
Thanks for covering your butt crack, nobody wanted to see that 😂😂😂
Dustin Nielson
Dustin Nielson Vuosi sitten
Really appreciate the courtesy hat graphic covering your arse crack!
siwash99 Vuosi sitten
What are the wheels on this Firebird? 18"?
Josh Steen
Josh Steen Vuosi sitten
can we get the blue jerry rig t shirts back????
phillip smith
phillip smith Vuosi sitten
I love the music choice he made when he reads the manual 😂😂😂
PrincessTS01 Vuosi sitten
I think the wiring harness for Chevelle's are simpler to install, I got mine at the muscle factory website.
Chris Borland
Chris Borland Vuosi sitten
Awesome car by the way
Chris Borland
Chris Borland Vuosi sitten
You inspire me to work on my "87 fox body mustang gt
Chris Borland
Chris Borland Vuosi sitten
Love the background music and the hat hiding the ass crack in the beginning 👍
Mike Hatcher
Mike Hatcher Vuosi sitten
Say no to crack,lol.
Mike Hatcher
Mike Hatcher Vuosi sitten
I owned a 69 Firebird 400, factory tach on hood, 4 speed Muncie, 3.36 gears. All white interior. It was fast and fun.
Gorilla Cookies
Gorilla Cookies Vuosi sitten
I bought a 68 400/4 speed Firebird with 89,xxx original miles from the original owners widow for $5000 in 2017. I had to rewire the car thanks to mice chewing up the harness while it sat in a outbuilding for 11 years. Painless wiring kit is very easy but time consuming to install. But ive not experienced a single problem since the install. I did solder all of my crimped connections though. Although I feel the price for the complete kit was ridiculous.
Hugo Hernandez
Hugo Hernandez Vuosi sitten
Nice. Love the video, I'm doing the same thing for 1969 firebird. My car came with electric windows so I feel it would be more work. But I really want to know what's the part number for that kit you are using? I bought the painless wiring kit but mine doesn't have all that extra stuff your kit came with. I would really appreciate if you can get me that kit part number. Thanks.
Adam Vuosi sitten
Took me a while to understand why there is a floating FSM hat graphic covering your rear side... lol .Classic. But thank you for saving my eye sight :)
Mary Brown
Mary Brown Vuosi sitten
I know this is an older vid but you need a proper crimper, not that cheap POS www.homedepot.com/p/Klein-Tools-Ratcheting-Crimper-3005CR/306884697
J Mark
J Mark Vuosi sitten
Could you come and work on my car? My wife keeps telling me I will never get it done. Love the girl from ipanema. Not the song, the actual girl.
Wesley Barnett
Wesley Barnett Vuosi sitten
Cool stuff.....what's some of the music selections played during the course of this video?
thec130side Vuosi sitten
Corroded switch. Electro wash n lube. Or just work it a few times to knock off the corroded terminals. Or beer?
W. Goebel
W. Goebel Vuosi sitten
First thing I’d do...leave the power windows energized without having the key on so you can roll them sown anytime...and also the radio like Mini-BMW VW-Audi style...ever wondered why you can move a power seat any time but not roll down the window?
Heisenberg Von Fordson
Dupuis modz
Dupuis modz Vuosi sitten
I have to install a harness on my 72 chevy k20 and this gives me confidance that I will be able to do it and I will definitely go through painless.
MaximRecoil Vuosi sitten
For open-barrel crimping, use a too-large crimping die to start the crimp, then finish it in the correct-size crimping die. Then crimp the strain-relief section of the terminal to the insulation with the larger crimping die. I've crimped thousands of those things perfectly with an inexpensive Waldom W-HT-1921 crimper, which has two sizes of dies integrated into it; it's the same idea as the one you have. For something nicer and more user-friendly, get yourself something like this - www.amazon.com/Tool-Aid-SGT18980-Ratcheting-Terminal/dp/B008EW92LY That is a ratcheting crimper with interchangeable dies, and includes dies for most any type of crimp you'd ever need to make, including open-barrel crimps. The dies are wide so for the open-barrel ones, it is a stepped die that crimps both the wire section and the strain relief section at the same time, and there's no need to start the crimp in a larger die first either. If you want to be a real pro, buy the official Molex, AMP/Tyco/TE, Delphi/Packard, etc. crimpers for each type of terminal you want to crimp, but be prepared to spend Snap-on-esque money for them.
Sam's Mobile Pressure Washing
Who is the artist in the song that plays at 23:00?
WMR Vuosi sitten
4:30 Tomei um susto viado
D Goody
D Goody 2 vuotta sitten
Buys dream car for Roadkill episodes... sells dream car to brother.
w41duvernay 2 vuotta sitten
What is going on with the engine on this car? On the Road of America trip the 400 engine was a disaster...
oneway mike
oneway mike 2 vuotta sitten
That book is for sure bathroom reading material... lol
Brian Stewart
Brian Stewart 2 vuotta sitten
Their should ba a how to video on the roll crimp on youtube.
Richard Snow
Richard Snow 2 vuotta sitten
No one will understand the joy of broken wiring until you have to troubleshoot it
OfficalSSD 2 vuotta sitten
man this footage is crap, my ass is showing during the whole install. with the power of editing active.
Bob Ordewald
Bob Ordewald 2 vuotta sitten
Mike, Thanks for your shows. I like most of the informative stuff but what I really like is the ease in which you can bypass the less interesting stuff. Keep up the good work! I miss Roadkill but whatcha gonna do?
S Ross
S Ross 2 vuotta sitten
It would work well if you hit those crimps with solder
RebelKing 2 vuotta sitten
i suddenly feel better about my ability to use roll style crimpers, my dad taught me how when i was younger and never really realized it was a skill, now im almost done my second year diploma in auto service
Seanie McP
Seanie McP 2 vuotta sitten
I would have got 5 pages into that instruction manual and just packed everything back into the box, and reorder the wiring kit you put in the Vette kart..... lol
zack kreps
zack kreps 2 vuotta sitten
I'm doing a harness in my 69 firebird this summer. I can't tell you how thankful I am that you made this video.
William Jackson
William Jackson 2 vuotta sitten
We all know that you did not wire the whole car up bye yourself . You more than likely help but there is no way you done all of the wiring bye yourself.
Cooper Wells
Cooper Wells 2 vuotta sitten
Buy it back
T.J. Marley
T.J. Marley 2 vuotta sitten
Dude you bought the shitty weatherpack crimpers. I used those for like a month and threw them in the junk box and got some new ones
dpgriffith 2 vuotta sitten
Good video but music is a bit loud when on headset.
Carson T
Carson T 2 vuotta sitten
What kind of wheels do you have on there
Capivara of War
Capivara of War 2 vuotta sitten
Mike actually likes Ipanema's girl? jeez! what a surprise!
MR SAFWAN 2 vuotta sitten
That's good because there could be spark problems in future
Greg Laing
Greg Laing 2 vuotta sitten
Where is the firebird ? Did you sell it?
2fast4all 2 vuotta sitten
Listen to the intro. Car was sold to his brother.
ThanenJ 2 vuotta sitten
I have an urge to buy a FSM hat.
Levi Jones
Levi Jones 2 vuotta sitten
You ass hat
MonzaRacer 2 vuotta sitten
now why would Finnegan by the damn car back when he can go over borrow it break it do all kinds of crazy fixes to it then have to fix it correctly then give it back and he doesn't have to say honey I've got another project to work on.
MonzaRacer 2 vuotta sitten
Okay the fire department comes as Finnegans brain catches on fire while he is reading and his hat melt around his ears!
Khal ARETE 2 vuotta sitten
Only Finnegan can use his butt crack as an opportunity for good advertisement. Much love to ya! keep up the good work.
lowbuckfabrication 2 vuotta sitten
Finn and fry.....the only car show i ever enjoyed watching
eric klekot
eric klekot 2 vuotta sitten
New tool alert: the Hide-a-crack.
Backyard Mechanic Restorations
Get your car back
2fast4all 2 vuotta sitten
no need to its in his family already
vonsmink1 2 vuotta sitten
Background Score reminds me of Pentagram.
Dan Lott
Dan Lott 2 vuotta sitten
It's not you, those tools are junk & there is also a trick that you twigged to on putting those connectors on using the proper tool, gotta bend them in a little before putting them on. Next time you re-wire a project, look me up. I'll bring the tools, factory fab experience, & the beer!
Cody Jensen
Cody Jensen 2 vuotta sitten
I love tools
Frosty 2 vuotta sitten
Anyone else have fun playing with the volume ?
Juan Yuriar
Juan Yuriar 2 vuotta sitten
What ever happened to the Vette and Buick roadkill project?
Timothy Schwartz
Timothy Schwartz 2 vuotta sitten
Hey Finn. I have the exact same issue with that crimping tool and I laughed out loud when I saw you doing the same thing I do to crimp ends. Wrong tool, right job but it works.
Blake Noriega
Blake Noriega 2 vuotta sitten
LOVE YOUR SHOW! Your wiring is scary tho...
Vinzenz Geske
Vinzenz Geske 2 vuotta sitten
So I just watched this and I thought it was pretty informative and entertaining. And when I hit "Like" i was wondering: Who watches this for 30 minutes and then goes like "Nah, thumb down!" ???
immersion eleven
immersion eleven 2 vuotta sitten
Mike! With those connections you should be able to get a tool that has little holders for the terminal. These hold them in the perfect position to make the crimp - it was a game changer for me. We get them in the UK, you must have them over the water: www.carbuildersolutions.com/uk/ratchet-version-proper-f-crimp-crimping-tool-kit
King Ave Garage
King Ave Garage 2 vuotta sitten
I love the floating hat, Plumber crack cover up! Priceless!
dangerdave fpv
dangerdave fpv 2 vuotta sitten
i always place a small dab of 63/37 solder to my crimps just so it cant undo itself
dangerdave fpv
dangerdave fpv 2 vuotta sitten
ford has a special way to make crimps which makes since but somewhat dont neither
DNCII 2 vuotta sitten
I suggest that you change your intro graphic...it doesn’t really fit you or what the channel is about.
2fast4all 2 vuotta sitten
worst first world issue comment ive seen over a intro.
morphman21 2 vuotta sitten
Are there any episodes of your brother in them?
John Robinson
John Robinson 2 vuotta sitten
Not to be a jerk but when you crimp a wire, leave just a tiny bit of wire beyond the crimp. Give it a quick dab of solder. Connection issues will never be an issue - ever. Down the road years later crimps will not work loose and cause intermittents. If it goes down the road and has lights, solder your connections and you will never have issues......
mark w
mark w 2 vuotta sitten
Need to take that floating hat to the state fair...it’s hard to unsee things, so the hat would be perfect!😂🤣😂
Michael Frog-Man Bourne - 803 Garage
Painless rocks! Glad you kept the car in the family. You can always barrow it. lol 😂
mikesmith1percenter 2 vuotta sitten
WOW, you sold me on the Painless Wiring and I called their Tech Support/Customer Service to get the number for my 1989 Chevy Dually. (#10415) First thing that I said was I saw their product on your channel and Dude was like who? Totally unimpressed. And you are the one that sold it to me! I was bummed. In the future you all should run a Promo Code for these items so that the companies can appreciate just how much of their product you sell. I haven't pulled the trigger on it yet. I need some things from Summit, so I will wait to see if you can shake a promo code out of Summit. Thank you for the shows.
King_ James_23
King_ James_23 2 vuotta sitten
How come you sold you’re dream car but not that corvette you bought off you’re neighbor
Jack Allred Exotics
Jack Allred Exotics 2 vuotta sitten
Finnegan you need to buy the fire chicken back
Ed Wilko
Ed Wilko 2 vuotta sitten
Was that a one wheel burn out at the end?
dominator46 2 vuotta sitten
Awesome tunes by Vibrolas. Another great video Mike!!!
Ed Wilko
Ed Wilko 2 vuotta sitten
I have the same issue with those types of pliers too
Mijc Osis
Mijc Osis 2 vuotta sitten
Its kinda funny to think that whatever stereo was there probably was providing the ground for the dash XD
MIshooter 2 vuotta sitten
What's the name of the band that's playing when your installing the harness there awsome
cew142 2 vuotta sitten
By the way.. smart move on installing headlight relays. I bet the headlights are bright at night now.
cew142 2 vuotta sitten
I rewired my 40's hotrod with a painless wiring kit. One of the best upgrades I ever did. Besides the EFI. Its a lot of wires, a lot of connections to make but well worth the time invested!
Danny Scatpack
Danny Scatpack 2 vuotta sitten
Feels like I am back in 1020 ugh my hate/love relationship with electrical systems
johnnyhotpants 2 vuotta sitten
ha ha FSM saved me
chris carter
chris carter 2 vuotta sitten
I like how ur videos are edited now I quite watch ur channel because of the volume change from one shot the other would rive me crazy
DC 2 vuotta sitten
non-insulated connectors are awesome. Not sure how this explanation is going to pan out, so we shall see. First, put the connector in upside down, so the tangs are at the bottom. Make absolutely sure you are using the slot required, not the gap beside it. Don't ask how I know this. It looks wrong when you see it in the crimper but it works. I use a ratchet type that works really well.
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