How to Drive Into the SEMA Show Like A Boss! Finnegan's Garage Ep.83 

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Cotten, Newbern and I have spent the week in Vegas racing Blasphemi and now it's time to move Blasphemi into the Motor Trend booth. Thanks to Merlon and Steve from Welderup, we got our car cleaned up and followed those guys and their awesome creations on a sick shortcut right into Central Hall of the show. Here's a quick vid on some of the Welderup cars those dudes brought out,. Hope you enjoy it!
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Brandon Campbell
Brandon Campbell 15 päivää sitten
Damn id like to go to sema
M Gurnick
M Gurnick 18 päivää sitten
HOLLY F*#k - At ~ 10:19 - The Most SICK THING I EVER SEEN!!! >> A Super UGLY FACE INSTEAD OF A COOL TRUCK!!! > So Sad-No Class.
Drunkn 5 kuukautta sitten
ah pre covid life was so nice
Bass Mechanic
Bass Mechanic 6 kuukautta sitten
I am not a fan of the flat bill look on hats. I just want to grab his hat and bend that bill. Great show regardless.
John Kyle
John Kyle 6 kuukautta sitten
I want to bitch slap Cotton
me29903 7 kuukautta sitten
Omg that mr2
VENOMVETTE 8 kuukautta sitten
Can not Imagine driving through that tunnel without doing a full throttle blip.
ElectronicPleasure 11 kuukautta sitten
Looking at the ramp truck all they have done is paint it black and slammed it. It's cookie cutter it hurts. Come america do something that's different. Something that is out there but drivable
Diamond Lou
Diamond Lou 11 kuukautta sitten
How she ride ? Like a 51’ willies pickup ......
Stoopydh Vuosi sitten
10:20 Dudes be checking out the ramptruck instead of the sportscar :D
M Vuosi sitten
It may be closed to the public. But before I die I will find someone who needs tomake $ so I can get a pass. I could have went with my cousin who was a parts rep. but he F'N died on me. Cigarettes man. They kill People. He just dropped like a rock. And I am still kicking my self in the ass i didn't take time out of my schedule and go. The pass was $1200.00 5 years go. I would pay 4x's that now.
fla playa
fla playa Vuosi sitten
Boost on top of boost on top of cubic money.. Reminds me of the dude that stacks two roots blowers (In Series) and claims 2500 HP on 87 pump gas.
RACECAR Vuosi sitten
Ah yes, twin charging Now for hot rods
Json Vuosi sitten
Wow...Insane. Love it :D
wayne kerr
wayne kerr Vuosi sitten
Needs more induction
PsychoGames HD
PsychoGames HD Vuosi sitten
Anyone know what kind of trans and shifter are in blasphemi
Mark Vann
Mark Vann Vuosi sitten
Those grease monkey gloves are legit, I use them under the hood and in the tree tops at work. They're pretty cheap too.
Darren Natman
Darren Natman Vuosi sitten
9:51 "Its harder than it looks don't it"...says Cotten...
Roger Doughty
Roger Doughty Vuosi sitten
I need the Joker in my life I am obsessed with all things Joker
Don Rutter
Don Rutter Vuosi sitten
There used to be an all nude bar west of Atlantic City called "The Joker". Lol🤣
That Ford Guy
That Ford Guy Vuosi sitten
Oh that poor blower screaming in agony: "Adjust Me!" "Adjust Me" 😢
That Ford Guy
That Ford Guy Vuosi sitten
@Jordn No it's not the belt being to tight since it's looped on the valence pulley which is connected to the crankshaft and timed with bottom end of the motor. Either the blower bypass valve is not functioning properly or the rotational speed of the blower is not timed correctly with the engine. Starving it for air. Should have a smooth idle no chugging coughing stalling ect... Easy to fix for someone who knows what they are doing 😏
Jordn Vuosi sitten
Some blowers are like that, the blowers on burnout cars in Aus are substantially louder than that one. The belt is probably kind of loose here because it'll be breaking in, all new belts are slightly looser when first applied, they contract once broken in. It also prevents putting unnecessary strain on the belt due to that factor, because once it wears in, there's a chance it'll snap from being too tight.
iNewsTV Vuosi sitten
You must be joking!? 👍
James Hendrickson
James Hendrickson Vuosi sitten
I get bored easily at fairs. So when you see a kiosk that advertises cut proof personal protection device demos, I automatically volunteer my worst maintained personal defense knife as full as I will allow, and I'll lit you know that dull to me means the factory edge gets damaged and I didn't fix it, or I've ground my own edge and then it got damaged and I haven't repaired it to standards yet, ie I've fully dulled it to use as a training device just to spot the moment that you can try to con a crowd into thinking that they can't get cut or stabbed because of your gloves. Even using military technology and or military grade materials and or techniques and technologies.
Ronnie Williz
Ronnie Williz Vuosi sitten
That shop looks very familiar I knew that's who's shop it looked like good ole welderup
chacaraman Vuosi sitten
Great concept, cringy paint job. Damn boomers ruin everything.
Salvador Vuosi sitten
Blower belt is super loose. Awesome ride!
Roger Fleury
Roger Fleury Vuosi sitten
skid mark
skid mark Vuosi sitten
even the woman had gotee,s,!what !!!
marty p
marty p Vuosi sitten
I'm surprised he didn't see whistlindiesel
Paul Aguirre
Paul Aguirre Vuosi sitten
Droop Loop
Droop Loop Vuosi sitten
*C A N I H A B 1 P L E S S E*
Growth Curve Marketing
Finnegan, you're awesome, but too old and old school to be wearing a flat cap. Bend that sh*t and join the real old school crowd.
THE-ANT c Vuosi sitten
I love Blasphemi
Balzar Frozenoft
Balzar Frozenoft Vuosi sitten
Went thru that tunnel and didn't reem on it?,...... turn in your man cards,......
Nkululeko hadebe
Nkululeko hadebe Vuosi sitten
I would like to buy that FSM cap, the one Mike is wearing in the elevator at 5:50 I'm in south africa Nkululekoh3@gmail.com
Gypsy Wagon Maker Space
Ramp truck obsessed much?
Robert Presti Jr
Robert Presti Jr Vuosi sitten
I hope they don't like levi jeans any more. I have a pair I still wear, But I won't buy any new ones!
George Dennison
George Dennison Vuosi sitten
You hangin' out with Ron Jeremy, too? LOL
danmcclearynigga Vuosi sitten
That rod is nasty i love it
john szwarc
john szwarc Vuosi sitten
Just wanted to show you my project which is a 69 C10 mid-engine I also used a V-drive like you guys did with your project but I did mine just a little bit differently if you click on the little picture on the left of the black C10 you can actually see the truck in much more detail on FIplace I thought maybe you'd like to check it out since you've done a project very similar to this one I love watching all the work you guys do you guys do awesome stuff take it easy
deimosian Vuosi sitten
You all fail the lug nut challenge for going in a circle and not a star.
Travis Dunn
Travis Dunn Vuosi sitten
Need to turn the new ramp truck into a boat and atv hauler.
Ray Parker
Ray Parker Vuosi sitten
I am amazed at how many men these days primp more than females!!!
John Cooper
John Cooper Vuosi sitten
Do you have any info on the Bel Air at the beginning of the video? Mostly interested in the paint.
Cleveland Maker
Cleveland Maker Vuosi sitten
I love cars too and I wish I could go to sema.... I'd bring my bike and park it right next Chip's best shit!
twotwocold Vuosi sitten
I just noticed at the end the joker has every power adder you can bolt on! Supercharger, Turbo, Nitrous, and Race Gas 😳🤯
BA Vuosi sitten
It would be the letdown of a lifetime to see Blasphemi pull up but have Newburn step out of the drivers door. 😢😁
andybaldman Vuosi sitten
This show seems so trashy.
FloppyDriveMaestro Vuosi sitten
So did dave win the tool or not?
Al T
Al T Vuosi sitten
will this fit my honda.......
Duane Weldon
Duane Weldon Vuosi sitten
Need more videos. One a week or month isn't enough for us anxious to see new stuff.
Peggy Patton
Peggy Patton Vuosi sitten
Love watching you guys drive um there.
Deo Persad
Deo Persad Vuosi sitten
Awesome 👍🏾👍🏾✌ great to see fun stuff to do 👊✌
R 420
R 420 Vuosi sitten
Well that was lame as feck
jared packer
jared packer Vuosi sitten
Rollin smoke BBQ, best in the city! Right across from welder up! Perfect lunch time stop!
Keith Hurd
Keith Hurd Vuosi sitten
Newbern, Cotten - you both failed. Star pattern. Mayhaps it's different if you pull the tires off after 5 miles.
Oscar Oliu
Oscar Oliu Vuosi sitten
That speed signing at the board is hilarious, sounds like screaming mini people.
Curt Phillipps
Curt Phillipps Vuosi sitten
Donald McCombs
Donald McCombs Vuosi sitten
So my motor in my bus conversion is shot, will that drop into a ford chassis?
TmanjoeR Vuosi sitten
An episode of Finnegan's garage with Finnegan in it for 4 seconds.
Duane Weldon
Duane Weldon Vuosi sitten
You noticed too? Maybe 5 seconds.
jonsquatch Vuosi sitten
I like your "Lucky's Garage" green ghetto "OMG" suspension ramp truck better... sad to say, much more fun.
Karl Jensen
Karl Jensen Vuosi sitten
What? No nitrous?
ZiggiesAquatic Exotics
Dam that old ram really is the coolest fucking ram ever gosh dernt boys ! Kill em all kilt em alt ! Mai knee grrr
ZiggiesAquatic Exotics
The blasphemi is awesome concept man Chevy with a fat ass hemi power plant
Oliver Ambrosia
Oliver Ambrosia Vuosi sitten
I saw that ramp truck on I15 on Sunday afternoon. The wife wasn't nearly as impressed as I was. Freaking beautiful!
Cranky MotorSports
Cranky MotorSports Vuosi sitten
Dave, such self control. Drove through a tunnel in blasphemi, didn't even lay on the throttle
Adrian & Kathy Weathersbee
1:45...WTF?...LoL! This dood is wild
Mike Gardner
Mike Gardner Vuosi sitten
That's your build hell yeah and if you still rode bmx what would you be riding ?
Accelerator Magazine
Several years ago, no one will remember, our son, Zane who paints on Texas Metal series, worked for Coker Tire and thru that they used my Pink Supercharged Pro Street '64 Corvette on the official SEMA poster with 2 other style cars. They photoshopped my car phukin RED. Richardheads. Felt like when Friedburger tried to kill Pro Street at Hot Rod. HATED Pro Street, all tho a 'Streeter will usually still draw the biggest crowd or most cell pics goin down the road. Thot he would at least be open minded. Sheite, maybe he worked for SEEMEN that year. L8r.
Izom Vuosi sitten
...this idle !? ;- ()
Magic Yeti
Magic Yeti Vuosi sitten
Boosty McBoost'n Got DAM!
Scotty Lo
Scotty Lo Vuosi sitten
Love the Joker car. Would love to see Sema one day. ☠️
Dr. Banter
Dr. Banter Vuosi sitten
car culture is definitely on a huge decline, but it was sure cool while it lasted.
Maso Vuosi sitten
Who doesn’t hit the loud peddle in a tunnel?
Pete Smith
Pete Smith Vuosi sitten
And also builds $100,000 rat rods, What the fuck is that. Daddy has a lot of money for Stevie to spend. Was one of the first to come to Welderup back when, with my ride, my how things have changed. So sad,just sayin'
Pete Smith
Pete Smith Vuosi sitten
Darnell is a fucking asshole, ask all of the people that friended him,and he dissed when he became a no name TV star, True story, Could not build shit without the people that actually build the rides,not him,just sayin' again.
Gasratz Customs
Gasratz Customs Vuosi sitten
This was no Joke! So cool to see it in person
Bob Marley
Bob Marley Vuosi sitten
hope your brake pads are in the right way!!!!
Troy no longer from Pro Fab
Troy from Pro Fab here.... I think it needs to be two totally identical cars. No Hondas, no Chevys, no Fords, in fact nothing anyone's ever worked on before. I'm thinking find ya a couple Yugo's, yup, you heard me right, Yugo's. Now that would be freaking Epic!!! I don't know were you'd find two but whatever you do it has to be two of the same as far as make model and engine. I can't wait to see what you come up with, good luck brother!!
Troy no longer from Pro Fab
Troy from Pro Fab here.... I think it needs to be two totally identical cars. No Hondas, no Chevys, no Fords, in fact nothing anyone's ever worked on before. I'm thinking find ya a couple Yugo's, yup, you heard me right, Yugo's. Now that would be freaking Epic!!! I don't know were you'd find two but whatever you do it has to be two of the same as far as make model and engine. I can't wait to see what you come up with, good luck brother!!
Owen Lee Green
Owen Lee Green Vuosi sitten
Caught this car at the PreSEMA Cruise
Dena B
Dena B Vuosi sitten
Trade show, HA just like PRI is suppose to be. Those days are gone
Clancy Rich
Clancy Rich Vuosi sitten
Need funds for the ramp truck stat
Trudy Gardener
Trudy Gardener Vuosi sitten
That car looks disgusting.
Norm Vuosi sitten
Such a stupid ass ugly car.... Your not a boss driving that....
Jingles96 Vuosi sitten
Lol, I used this same song for the oil change in my video
fshalor Vuosi sitten
Wait. Stop... "We're gonna clean eachother's cars!" ... OOOPS! hehehe... Send it friends!
Rotor Ryan
Rotor Ryan Vuosi sitten
Welderup is a scumbag.
John Grepo
John Grepo Vuosi sitten
I've gone to SEMA several years in a row..the level of fabrication will kill you..
Jacob Audrey
Jacob Audrey Vuosi sitten
The Harbor Freight lug contest was painful. Even if you zip lugs it should be in sequence.
Greg Huston
Greg Huston Vuosi sitten
CP is NOT HF! You're thinking of Central Pneumatic. Chicago Pneumatic is true pro level tools. I've seen them in very high end manufacturing facilities.
john smith
john smith Vuosi sitten
Not so much revolutions per minute as lumps per minute
rangemasterken Vuosi sitten
Get that guys face out of the camera!
Talisman1957 Vuosi sitten
I wanted to go to SEMA last year with a booth too - I added up the costs and it was $10,000. I don't have that kind of money to throw around for a car show.
Dave-o's Modern Life
So cool. I miss SEMA. I met Cotten at SEMA 2011. Good dude. Cant wait to go back.
robmanueb2 Vuosi sitten
Look at that deck! Ferrari, do I mean nothing to you?
Rick Newman
Rick Newman Vuosi sitten
shortwave Vuosi sitten
ooo... I wanna ride in Joker... That looks like a fun car to ride in.
Al Renta
Al Renta Vuosi sitten
It’s SEMA !!!!! Where are the cars ??????
jbr496 Vuosi sitten
Can't believe Finnegan has never been to SEMA before.
D Gee
D Gee Vuosi sitten
the lettering of joker is pure trash. next time u need letters lmk.
Ryan Malin
Ryan Malin Vuosi sitten
That thing has got to be a blast what are those 415s?
My Thoughts on Reality Shifting
My Thoughts on Reality Shifting
I just can't keep up!
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