Road Trip in a Snowstorm to Racecar Paradise: Finnegan's Garage Ep.86 

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Today we take a brief break from our regularly scheduled programming (Yeah, right, nothing is regular or scheduled on this channel.) to detour from my garage to Indianapolis, Indiana for the Performance Racing Industry show, a trade show for speed parts and race cars. We drove Square Force 1, my 38-foot long 1989 GMC R3500 crew cab ramp truck, while hauling Blasphemi, my 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air Gasser. Of course, we didn't bother to check the weather and ended up driving through the snow to get from Georgia to Indy. Still, we had fun and saw all kinds of cool stuff like a 16 cylinder LS marine engine, several billet Diesel engines, a few internet and television celebrities and managed to only get into one food fight at a restaurant. But now we are back home working on new videos about the turbo boat and my C10 so stay tuned for those. In the meantime, enjoy this road trip diary!

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Ed Kramer
Ed Kramer 14 päivää sitten
Richie from Boston might have been one of the scare mongers.
Ed Kramer
Ed Kramer 14 päivää sitten
WHY ARE YOU STILL FREE IN AMERICA? There were FIplacers saying you would all be in FEMA CAMPS by 2021. What the HELL happened.
klosnoski 4 kuukautta sitten
Yall would turn your fruity looms into paw patrol pullups just driving in duluth in the winter.
ShortStroke 4 kuukautta sitten
Cotton looked scared!
Steve B
Steve B 4 kuukautta sitten
I wasn’t there and I’m not gonna talk smack about someone who isn’t in front of my face but it is disappointing that a drag racer you just paid 20k wouldn’t drive behind and make you you made it to the hotel. That just ain’t how you do things.
JayinMI 8 kuukautta sitten
The look on Newbern's face after Mike said "No breakdowns..." lol
Linkster1666 8 kuukautta sitten
The thing with the old cassettes, if they play half assed, FF it, turn it over FF again. It will either play or break.
David Macbeth
David Macbeth 8 kuukautta sitten
alfonso gonzalez
alfonso gonzalez 8 kuukautta sitten
Propane and propane accessories
2:15 is how sleeping in jail feels lol
Brandon Link
Brandon Link 9 kuukautta sitten
He hit Monteagle in a driving rain, so hard he couldn't even see the passing lane.
999 9 kuukautta sitten
What's under his hat.
Cisco Urquidez
Cisco Urquidez 9 kuukautta sitten
Cotten........... Is FUNNY AS FUCK!
Roger Fleury
Roger Fleury 10 kuukautta sitten
Joeyjoe jo
Joeyjoe jo 10 kuukautta sitten
I grew up listening to Too Short. Awesome
смиренный 10 kuukautta sitten
That bow the truck has. Hope your frame never rusts out
Edward Borges
Edward Borges 10 kuukautta sitten
whered you get the new rims? theyre exactly what im looking to get for my '86 1 ton dually
G Hines
G Hines 10 kuukautta sitten
What Back up video camera and screen is that
G Hines
G Hines 10 kuukautta sitten
Hell yes finally a Rap tap!!!
djjohnnymusic 11 kuukautta sitten
Hope you run a cassette cleaner through that tape deck occasionally. Will help for when you play AC⚡DC at full volume. 🤘😎
Iowa Farmer
Iowa Farmer 11 kuukautta sitten
Damn Finnegan. That’s a light flurry for where I’m at. Come up to Iowa and we’ll show you one hell of a snow storm
Jeri Atrick
Jeri Atrick 11 kuukautta sitten
Not sure if anyone has mentioned this but if your tapes are slowing then get a pencil and wind the tape through by hand (for old schoolers) and any other way you like for you youngys.
Heavens to Murgatroyd
Why don't you pull your stupid hat down over your ears like all the other So. Cal. Millenials? I thought you were cool. This a waste of bandwidth...
B Dubz
B Dubz Vuosi sitten
Take a q tip soak it in isopropyl alcohol and clean the tape deck head, and it should increase the cassette fun tone-age.
Sowbelly Motorsports
Poor Nancy Reagan!
Garrett Rickenberg
Garrett Rickenberg Vuosi sitten
I was behind you guys as you were leaving PRI and driving the street in downtown INDY. Didn’t get to go to the show but got to see Blasphemi so my day was made
Rick Fizer
Rick Fizer Vuosi sitten
You need a headliner mechanic.
Michael Shafer
Michael Shafer Vuosi sitten
It's ok. The blurry shot is just "Artistic."
goodtogoace Vuosi sitten
Do One
Do One Vuosi sitten
i love the blasphemi I want 1 so bad
Tony Brown
Tony Brown Vuosi sitten
I'm from Indianapolis I need to check out the PRI show sometime
The Dust Brothers
The Dust Brothers Vuosi sitten
You literally rolled right by my house. :) Next time in Louisville let me buy ya a beer or three or twelve.
Tim Wolfe
Tim Wolfe Vuosi sitten
OK I decided to dip into my beer budget and use some of that money to signup for the Motor Trend streaming. I like all your shows, so they better be good !!! Hope you guys give me some good ideas to do to my old Dodge Demon. Bought it new in 72, and it's worn and time for a redo.
RC adventures
RC adventures Vuosi sitten
The Roadkill following you at Drag week was the best Roadkill I have seen for years. Epic stuff, well done.
Kevin Sukdolak
Kevin Sukdolak Vuosi sitten
Paul Bennett
Paul Bennett Vuosi sitten
FriesBurger is the antagonist from the films 13 cameras and 14 cameras
Richard M. Lowe
Richard M. Lowe Vuosi sitten
Mike Do this if you can: Locate a gasket for a Red Ram HEMI 241 and make a set of headers for it and mail them to Nick's Garage aka Garage Indy Auto Laval QC Canada Y'all need to get together on a project one day
bernzie001 Vuosi sitten
That thing looks like it has a broken back
Spearmint T
Spearmint T Vuosi sitten
Okay, I've been wondering for months. What's the deal with the white dual-wiper blades on Square Force One?
Jesse Ray
Jesse Ray Vuosi sitten
bet that sketchy bridge was around Peoria,IL
Tom Murray
Tom Murray Vuosi sitten
So I’m sure people hit you up with ramp trucks for sales all the time... I’m part of a group on fb about ramps trucks and have been working on a spreadsheet of ones I find for sale here is a link if you would like to check it out and if you know of any I should add send them my way docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1d38nBpZ_n5kqwIUxzd_J2FTWePx9pGoiC2S7hyDPteI
Nate Hill
Nate Hill Vuosi sitten
Looks like you been puttin' 2 ton of um, stuff, in a 1-ton truck...
Big Red
Big Red Vuosi sitten
0:03 is the frame bent?
Jeremiah Blakley
Jeremiah Blakley Vuosi sitten
I know a guy in Atlanta that can fix that tape deck, just sayin. Rogers Audio Video. Alpharetta
72gunslinger Vuosi sitten
go old school and put like 200 thumb tacks in the headliner or replace it!
bernie mc
bernie mc Vuosi sitten
I have lost track, didn't you sell square force 1 to buy another newer and improved ramp truck?
Roaddog Vuosi sitten
You guys need to check out FIplace channel zip ties and biased Alberta Canada answer to roadkill I think
Michael Boyd
Michael Boyd Vuosi sitten
Hey Finn, what's the name of the show Emily hosts? Thanks
mcgaiver matt
mcgaiver matt Vuosi sitten
That frame looks bent where cab meets the back
MrMaxpower76 Vuosi sitten
This must have been the end of the year recap show.
Danny B
Danny B Vuosi sitten
Those double wipers are the worst! In my experience the first wiper clears the rain then making the second blade chatter horrendously
PNW DIY Vuosi sitten
The frame on your truck is folding from the weight over time behind the cab. In the intro it is very clear. Just lookin out and I know you have the ability to fix it.
1555yodude Vuosi sitten
you know i kinda like the completely fallen in headliner its kinda regal
Agent West
Agent West Vuosi sitten
Great job, boys! You chose the _only_ snow day of 2019 to go over arguably the most difficult part of I-24, the Monteagle Mtn. :)
Whistle Teets
Whistle Teets Vuosi sitten
Dennis Anderson is a national treasure.
jkltg60 Vuosi sitten
Joe cook
Joe cook Vuosi sitten
11:00 sounds so funny, like you're revving it and going nowhere
Vanila Kung
Vanila Kung Vuosi sitten
What happened to the guy with the glasses you had on your early videos?
Here in Louisville Kentucky we have 8 different ways of saying Louisville. Much respect guys!!!
Alter Ego
Alter Ego Vuosi sitten
Thumbs up for the tape player. Dang, brings back great memories.
C.C. Lapew
C.C. Lapew Vuosi sitten
Please do something about that headliner.... lol
Trinidad Diaz
Trinidad Diaz Vuosi sitten
Song at 3:20 reminds me of the old super Nintendo racing game
Will Gehrke
Will Gehrke Vuosi sitten
Lol, wow great story. Glad you made the trip ok. Wouldn't want to drive that thing in those conditions. And what an awesome feeling it must've been to take that car out on the town! Thanks for sharing!
Hank Holzman
Hank Holzman Vuosi sitten
@ 4:16 That is not a blizzard. LOL! Alaska next, if you all even new. Glad that you don't!
Oh no It Isnt
Oh no It Isnt Vuosi sitten
Dude. I just saw the roadkill dragweek ep. What a blast, you absolutely slayed it. Winning hot rod drag week has to be the peak of what a 'normal' (for want of a better word) car guy like you or I can achieve. Every car guy has dreams, i bet you achieved yours :-)
Oddball Dynamics.
Oddball Dynamics. Vuosi sitten
I can’t get over that insanely long car carrier. Lol
The Workshop Mechanic
👍 on the video editing
cantbeataLSmotor Vuosi sitten
That's a climb up mount eagle and then you have to get back down
wacko wacko
wacko wacko Vuosi sitten
Just a suggestion - I can't stand listening to those solenoid style fuel pumps for long periods. Instead you might opt for something like a Carter in-line pump made for a TBI application, but still works on Q-jets most of the time in those Chevy trucks of that vintage. Jegs part number 180-P74017, it costs less than the clickity-clack fuel pump you currently have.. It is a vane/geo-rotor style of pump, so you won't even hear it run. Because of the length of the fuel line run from the tank, the pressure drop is enough to not blow the needle off of the seat inside the carb. It also works great on trucks with dual tanks, because it can draw enough vacuum to pull through the switching valve. If you are worried about the pressure at the carb, get a cheap fuel pressure regulator.
Ramona Locksmith
Ramona Locksmith Vuosi sitten
LOL That saggy headliner! Any bets on how long it will last?
Hudson French
Hudson French Vuosi sitten
When’s death metal coming back
aphil066 Vuosi sitten
Are you in peachtree city?
suicidal racing
suicidal racing Vuosi sitten
sema aka incomplete rice fest where half the welds aint even there lol..pri is def loads better if your a hard core gear head
Kickinpony.66 Vuosi sitten
Dennis Anderson is a cool dude! I met him way back in 1993, at Digger's Dungeon, in North Carolina. Me any my Shipmate Ken were on our way to Kittyhawk and we saw a sign for "Diggers Dungeon"; we figured "What the Heck..." (they were Closed, but we heard noises and ventured around the corner of the shop). Dennis showed us all around the Shop, we met his Mechanics. It was a day I will never forget. I have pics, somewhere.
john smith
john smith Vuosi sitten
There are two main bridges that connect from Kentucky to Indiana. You crossed the big one in this video but in your previous video you went over the old bridge before they built the new one you currently drove across. I am quite close to that area if you ever come through, breakdown nearby or just want to hang out give me a shout.
Vampirebear13 Vuosi sitten
Sure can tell you guys live down south, there's flurries & the reaction is "OMG we're driving in a blizzard". LOL And those waitresses at the end were really something :-)
Endo Tasweegin
Endo Tasweegin Vuosi sitten
So good to see you out and about using blasphemi and not having to work on it constantly. Mental car and looks to be a bucket load of fun. Keep up the videos man nice work. Endo - Australia
esqueue Vuosi sitten
How the hell are you going to say zero breakdown with a straight face?
Capt. Sirk
Capt. Sirk Vuosi sitten
What the heck is a "brodozer"?
CycolacFan Vuosi sitten
We're going to Cooter's place so we'll unload the Charger and take the Chevy...
Allen Boyd
Allen Boyd Vuosi sitten
I like to see you start your own FIplace channel and call it Road thrill
Matt Skins
Matt Skins Vuosi sitten
I get that old school Roadkill Road trip sorta feeling from Finn and the crew doing these. Lookin forward to the next vid!
Gavin Barker
Gavin Barker Vuosi sitten
I would have stuck with The Goo Goo Dolls on the radio (yeah I know, copyright infringement)
zoomosis Vuosi sitten
0:37 I always laugh when I hear this music. In the late 1990s it was used as the music bed for some late night Australian TV commercials for phone sex lines.
WeldinMike27 Vuosi sitten
Why are you going to Indianapolis, Mike??
ron whittaker
ron whittaker Vuosi sitten
well now at least the guys that show up are the ones that really want to be there because the posers would never go out in that sh!t.
Luke Croft
Luke Croft Vuosi sitten
Where was the q and a
Bryan Conner
Bryan Conner Vuosi sitten
That ain't right...you can't put Amy Grant anywhere near Too $hort...haha. Cool video as usual.
N Andrews
N Andrews Vuosi sitten
"Down Force Won" The frame vs headliner in a sag off, who will win?
gborn70 Vuosi sitten
I’m sorry boys, but there is nothing sketchy about a little snow in TN. Come to Wyoming in a real blizzard.
MR K Vuosi sitten
I thoroughly enjoy your videos. Thank you!
TheTired_5.0 Vuosi sitten
Love that they misspelled California
UC1996 Vuosi sitten
Looks the ol truck has a bit of a hoop hooptie in the frame
Mr.Badluck Vuosi sitten
Hey Mr. Finnegan I don't know how to rebuild an engine but I want to learn. What do you recommend I can do to aquire the knowledge to do so. Thanx for your awesome vidz. My the force be with you.
Andrew Foell
Andrew Foell Vuosi sitten
I was in this video and my voice was in it. I’m stupid excited about that. I was there getting my glove box signed.
Brian Head
Brian Head Vuosi sitten
Damn wish I would of known you we in Indy! Blasphemi is one of my hero cars!
Dan W
Dan W Vuosi sitten
I love that your headliner looks just as saggy as the one in my square body crew cab😀. Best truck ever though.
Cdouglas Vuosi sitten
Umm... Unless this is an ass old video.. I thought you traded that ramp truck a long time ago.. looks like you just repainted it from red, to white. And what's the scoop with you taking Cleetus's Galaxies??
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 Vuosi sitten
It's a different truck: fiplace.info/loft/videot/kbGnYYCCzm3EZ7A
derek hott
derek hott Vuosi sitten
damn jinxed yourself within the first two mins i found you on youtube when you bought this truck. too bad i didnt know you then i would of helped
derek hott
derek hott Vuosi sitten
its never cold at cooters lol
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