Say Hello to The Death Metal Dodge Charger! Finnegan's Garage Ep.76 

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This video offers an update on the "Trade My Truck" debacle and my 1969 Dodge Charger, which Kibbe alerted me was for sale last year. The charger is a legit barn find, stashed away in Indiana for 50-plus years before it was drug outside and put on eBay. I bought it, Tony Angelo and I filmed a Roadill episode about reviving it, and then the motor died one summer night last year.
The drivetrain consists of a 383ci Dodge big-block, which is backed by a Silversport Transmissions six-speed conversion kit. The kit bolts a Tremec Magnum manual gearbox into the B-body with ease. The car is called Death Metal because it doesn't drive straight, the four-wheel truck drum brakes don't work that well, and the rollcage might actually be more dangerous than not having one at all. Nevertheless, I love the car and in this episode we'll show you what broke and how we fixed it. I think you'll be surprised!
Here's a link to that cool MSD ready-to-run distributor that we got from Summit Racing:
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Christopher Flynn
Christopher Flynn Uukausi sitten
A car show where? Never heard of that town and I'm from Alabama.
veenoable 2 kuukautta sitten
The wheels, what Kind of wheels is that?
Adventure and Gaming
Adventure and Gaming 2 kuukautta sitten
But what stooped the cam rotation making the sprocket slip/rotate and shear off the dowel? Cool vid guys, even cooler car ❤️🇷🇴🇬🇧👍🏻
Mr Badass
Mr Badass 3 kuukautta sitten
I want one
Chace Bryan
Chace Bryan 3 kuukautta sitten
Car is built like a tank. love it
Judy McDougal
Judy McDougal 5 kuukautta sitten
It is good to see these Chargers still around. Thank you
Joe Valdrighi
Joe Valdrighi 9 kuukautta sitten
This is what wannabes do ..... He's a lightweight but the hat is so important . Roadkill is the millenniums with sticks for arms . In a Cheshire cat smile . No I'm not a fan
john dodd
john dodd 9 kuukautta sitten
Wonder why the guy that built the car hated it hmmmmm.....
Dakota Bethune
Dakota Bethune 9 kuukautta sitten
What a cool old car, I’d love to own something like that.
Chris Goffe
Chris Goffe 9 kuukautta sitten
..joe put the work in that car i watched them change a few things on it ..not my kind of car but pretty cool
Dr. Love
Dr. Love 10 kuukautta sitten
Wow. These homosexuals really like to interact
Project 29
Project 29 11 kuukautta sitten
You need to race death metal charger and general mayhem
Sir LurksaLot
Sir LurksaLot Vuosi sitten
She's wallered < seems to be a recurring issue in my life as well
Chris Gleis
Chris Gleis Vuosi sitten
Solid roller is what Daddy wants for Christmas.And screw in studs in my stocking.
Chris Gleis
Chris Gleis Vuosi sitten
Maryland has the goods.
X Mo
X Mo Vuosi sitten
I know where there's an old dirt track racer 57 Chevy. It looks much like this Charger. I haven't got the owner to unload it yet. Edit: also a 37? (Cant remember) Ford roundy-round dirt car. Real deal racers are bad ass.
Cody Campbell
Cody Campbell Vuosi sitten
Everyone knows thats why the blue-dye urinal/toilet tabs were invented... as in, dads could instantly tell if their sons' slipped into the john will trying to reach the top shelf!!! Instead of "red handed" its "caught blue-footed!!!"
Cody Campbell
Cody Campbell Vuosi sitten
Danny Boy Bo-Shears > Flat tappets!!!
BOOMHeadshot1006 Vuosi sitten
Dear god that dude tried to rip you off with that computer! lol. The GPU in the build is maybe $40.
Nico Vuosi sitten
love it. thanks for sharing
Henry Bernacki
Henry Bernacki Vuosi sitten
Preview? BITE ME! Spoiler alert! They do all the work the power is to much and they break the car in half never to see the road again.
Darius DuVall
Darius DuVall Vuosi sitten
That bathroom looks like the ones you go into at a sperm bank
Dillion Webb
Dillion Webb Vuosi sitten
I want to see death metal and general mayhem on dirt track
Qgal5kap123 Vuosi sitten
Am I the only one who thinks tropical doesn't go hand in hand with bad ass iron?
Jonas Andersson
Jonas Andersson Vuosi sitten
Like your content, but please try to balance the sound volume. In this episode your voices and the music was way off.
John Becay
John Becay Vuosi sitten
anybody know the song at 12:15?
Robert Keeton
Robert Keeton Vuosi sitten
I love Boshears optimism..."Yeah..." Also, I agree with the guy below, we DEFINITELY appreciate you sticking with FIplace. I have a subscription to MTOD, so I'd see you anyway, but I still appreciate having the ability to watch your channel for free (although I also have a FIplace Premium subscription).
Rex Holes
Rex Holes Vuosi sitten
That engine is so fucked LOL
Rex Holes
Rex Holes Vuosi sitten
Ew gross a Tundra hate those fucking things I want to murder the assholes who packaged the thing its a fucking nightmare
1st call Llc
1st call Llc Vuosi sitten
Got a little lift on your lobes there buddy? Enough to bust the pin.
Enjoy! Vuosi sitten
why do y'all assume everybody is watching this when NOBODY IS TRYING TO SLEEP WITH THAT LOUD ASS MUSIC!!!!!
Knif3 junki3
Knif3 junki3 Vuosi sitten
Need to nickname that dude volt. He can’t touch &$@%# without frying electronics, be it batteries, wires, alternators, ignitions lol
Brendan Phipps
Brendan Phipps Vuosi sitten
1:28 anyone notice he has a gmc Denali quadrasteer
CrimsonSky 2019
CrimsonSky 2019 Vuosi sitten
Hey, do you have any cool cars for sale?
Junior 249
Junior 249 Vuosi sitten
Love the car.... like the race car look....
Clive Donnithorne
Clive Donnithorne Vuosi sitten
A good friend of mine used to buy the cars and trucks off of the American airmen when they went home and didn't want to transport them back across the "pond". I saw Cougars, Satellites and Super-bees - most force-fed 440 lumps. I took a 440 "Blues Mobile" (was that a monaco?) up the road from my place. It was painted green and white and looked like Jake and Elwood's car - even down to "To Protect and Serve" logo on the wing (fender !!) . All of the cars were cool but yes, Electricguy, when he got hold of Chargers (on 2 occasions), guys came-by just to "look" ! Before I go to the "V8 - run wot u brung" in the sky, I want to "drive angry" a '68/'69 charger - black paint and plenty of rubber !! I may have to get over and spend a holiday (vacation) in your "Sunshine States" ! Mike, please say "hi" to David Freiburger - the 2 of you were awesome on Roadkill. Happy new year to you all . Regards, Clive . (Surrey , England )
cenovio Pereira
cenovio Pereira Vuosi sitten
How the fucc you dont like that car????
Aussie Off Roaders
Aussie Off Roaders Vuosi sitten
Where Fri burger?
dennis cantrell
dennis cantrell Vuosi sitten
Finnegan did anyone tell you about sun valley speedway when you were in Chesterfield doing the road kill road trip, Anderson speedway is the home of the little 500 lots of big names through the years competing in sprint cars.
poopy doodoo
poopy doodoo Vuosi sitten
Shit I'll take one I could use it, my timing in life is wallered out
jordan c
jordan c Vuosi sitten
paint the door at least! the silver looks terrible....
Dennis Lockhart
Dennis Lockhart Vuosi sitten
Now you know why the previous owner didn't like the car...I got a feeling it's gonna be the opposite of Christine, it wants to rest..lol Hope not though..
Mr.hitler , Fuckboi
Mr.hitler , Fuckboi Vuosi sitten
Wish roadkill was on youtube ,where it belongs.....
Dennis R Cole
Dennis R Cole Vuosi sitten
Why do you have the music volume so high ? You have no idea howmany times I've ripped my headphones off and thrown them accross the room and chnged the channel .as a defensive reaction
Jonathon Brown
Jonathon Brown Vuosi sitten
Have it take on the General Mayhem
Iron Swan
Iron Swan Vuosi sitten
Deathrod,that thing is awesome Id love to drive it daily
Shifttube Vuosi sitten
well see i think its a problem when you buy products that say they are made in America but what they dont tell you is all the electronic parts inside are made in china so it of coarse SHIT in the inside
D Inf
D Inf Vuosi sitten
I love that there's no sugar coating things. It makes you feel like this is a real down to earth show and also being there
Michael Clark
Michael Clark Vuosi sitten
If that was my motor every valve in it would be bent!
ReverendAngerer Vuosi sitten
hey Mike- what are the BMX bikes you've got hanging up there?
Colt Havens
Colt Havens Vuosi sitten
Death metal charger for pikes peak man
fisty mopar
fisty mopar Vuosi sitten
I just deleted my comment this is just too sad Fun fact MSD actually designed their Distributors after a Chrysler ignition. Complicated Chrysler ignition? how many freaking bowtie tattoos do you have.
JimBobthe Impaler
JimBobthe Impaler Vuosi sitten
14:00 what I'm really hearing is FIRE IT UP SEA BASS!!!!
Jan Falcon
Jan Falcon Vuosi sitten
i would have enjoyed watching the roadkill ep on this, too bad roadkill got put behind a paywall. The show itself is now...roadkill. Glad Finnegan is still here. Subscribed.
What song is that playing when you guys were putting the new cam in and getting it all wrapped up?
Bob Ordewald
Bob Ordewald Vuosi sitten
Guys, run this again but only listen to the engine when you first tried to start it. Don't look, listen. You will hear that it jumped time. I know you were thinking 'It's all new!' and I likely would have done what you did. I didn't know what you did and it's obvious, This is a case of you were to close to the problem. Excellent catch. I like watching because you DON'T know it all and are willing to admit it. I would love to stop in on non-film day and hang out - I'll buy lunch so long as the 3 of us can eat for a hundred bucks! MMmm Steak...
Shawn Vuosi sitten
“Neighbors”....pffftt! That’s why I live out in the boonies.
Cameron Holt
Cameron Holt Vuosi sitten
I’ve dreamed of a B-Body just like this. Sweet ride fellas sweet ride indeed.
Mike Point
Mike Point Vuosi sitten
Keep up the great work with bad mic’s or not IT’S STILL A GREAT GOD DAMN CHANNEL . CHEERS .
GENXFPV Vuosi sitten
Unilites suck balls. Errr, well actually anything Mallory. Compression testers are also handy things.
John Becay
John Becay Vuosi sitten
12:34 music...wooooaahhh....
Chris Pariaug
Chris Pariaug Vuosi sitten
Nice editing job!
1967davethewave Vuosi sitten
You know what would have been really cool, especially since you were headed to Roadkill Nights, throw the engine from Blasphemy into it. It might be quicker than General Mayhem!
Uncle Stepson
Uncle Stepson Vuosi sitten
This car is so much better in person, The craftsmanship is on point. Seeing that and the Mayhem side by side I have to say I like death metal charger better.
Nippon Nostalgic TV
Nippon Nostalgic TV Vuosi sitten
OMFG! Haro sport frame on the wall.
siegel197866 Vuosi sitten
Nice Haro Sport on the wall.
Zak Karnowski
Zak Karnowski Vuosi sitten
Yo, I'm digging the Albes Bmx hat bro.
Kohala Iron Works
Kohala Iron Works Vuosi sitten
Takje her to Dirt Fish & Romp um Wide!!! I hear the Charger saying: "Take me to Dirt Fish" Take Me to Dirt Fish!!!!!
tyler durden
tyler durden Vuosi sitten
Is he silent Bob???
ross Hemming
ross Hemming Vuosi sitten
Dam good job boys Dodge they all are tiff to kill thank
Termite Morten
Termite Morten Vuosi sitten
I need an ignition for a 383 .. 1965 Chrysler 300
426 SUPER BEE Vuosi sitten
fucken idiots > been better off in the dam barn
LukeTheJoker Vuosi sitten
Anyone else wondering why the pin broke, and wondering how long 'till the new one fails if there is an underlying issue?
Lincoln mike
Lincoln mike Vuosi sitten
Now we can see who the real talent was behind roadkill
Ma Gu
Ma Gu Vuosi sitten
Mike it no longer runs because it is a roadkill car duh don't you know this is gonna happen by now? Your the host of a show made to make old cars run then break then run then sit in your garage just sayin.... thanks for keeping up the videos on FIplace love em!
Matthew Hoffman
Matthew Hoffman Vuosi sitten
I guarantee the pipe they cut out was stronger than the ones they replaced it with. Thicker wall is stronger/better. It's also heavier. Maybe they were trying to increase fuel economy.
FredrikLund Vuosi sitten
Not a computer nerd, but a large car nerd.
MJM’s Workshop
MJM’s Workshop Vuosi sitten
odd that it sheared, weak pin or some other cause?
Zach Acevedo
Zach Acevedo Vuosi sitten
Finn!! Love the jams man!!!
Jonathan Perez
Jonathan Perez Vuosi sitten
Could you guys help me with my 1979 c10 that I’m the second owner of. It’s a solid old truck with a inline six sadly and a good knock.
Eric Point
Eric Point Vuosi sitten
My msd ready to run setup on my 440 with stick heads hit as well. Had to shave off a little just like you did
Burleism Vuosi sitten
Been around since the trip from Tejas to LA......... quit your bitchin Pussies, 4.99 a month is a 6 pack of Busch Lite which I'd gladly trade for some Roadkill.......... Finns Garage is a bonus and you should be thankful he takes the time to put this shit out there (cue the Cindy Lauper cassette Mike!!!)
Newf Ie
Newf Ie Vuosi sitten
just whe you think it is something simple! another great one man,jkeep up the solid work!
Chris Page
Chris Page Vuosi sitten
Almost every outdoor fire i start with gasoline. But...... you can’t walk around the fire you started with an open container, especially by your face !! It will get you. I like how you gamble but that was sketchy.Peace out!
Street Archives
Street Archives Vuosi sitten
Hi Mike! Just went to Roadkill Nights in Pontiac, and had a great time! I made a video documenting my experience there. Hopefully next time we'll be able to see you and Freiburger :).
nicholas coggins
nicholas coggins Vuosi sitten
Do you miss California or have you adopted the fully as your new home
nicholas coggins
nicholas coggins Vuosi sitten
djmips Vuosi sitten
you are nerds... car nerrds.
gary wiggett
gary wiggett Vuosi sitten
That was a car WAS
Michael Cuff
Michael Cuff Vuosi sitten
Theres the 55 chevy! Lurking in the backround just waiting to pounce! Oh! What were we doing? Oh yea the charger. Lol!
AB-80X Vuosi sitten
Got my FSM fasjion wear today. My life feels more complete.
Sonny Torres
Sonny Torres Vuosi sitten
A wanna that car is my dream car
Adam Forman
Adam Forman Vuosi sitten
Soundtrack is almost as good as if Moog made it :-)
dawson gamblin
dawson gamblin Vuosi sitten
i possibly need a distributor for my 440, she's still running points... and not pickup.... soooo she's a bitch.... on top of that i don't really have enough tools laying around to fix the old one...
papercut 13
papercut 13 Vuosi sitten
No way! Newburn had electrical problems! Lmao! Just kidding brotha! Stay badazz!
Chris Graham
Chris Graham Vuosi sitten
you know they sell nice steel lolly columns.... no need for the 16 pieces of 2x lumber as a post! :-)
Coverman66 Vuosi sitten
There is no me without you...if you have any questions feel free to ask or email me! Thanks
Cameron Hitt
Cameron Hitt Vuosi sitten
i sent an email on the "trade my truck" i have an offer for you
Cameron Hitt
Cameron Hitt Vuosi sitten
@Finnegan's Garage ok cool deal. id be down to trade something else or another project for roadkill.
Finnegan's Garage
Finnegan's Garage Vuosi sitten
thanks but I just made a trade. I'll have a video about the trade soon.
jb3161 Vuosi sitten
you should have put a 3 bolt hemi cam in and not have to worry about it again, also make sure the cam bearing that feeds oil up to the heads hasn't spun
Michael McFearin
Michael McFearin Vuosi sitten
Shit man you didn't want my wife? ^_^
Michael McFearin
Michael McFearin Vuosi sitten
@Finnegan's Garage No way man, new TV show for you. Mike Finnegan's Sister Wives!
Finnegan's Garage
Finnegan's Garage Vuosi sitten
mine would have taken issue with that trade.
Rob Edmunds
Rob Edmunds Vuosi sitten
So happy this is not on MT only as that does not work out well in the UK
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