Twin Turbo Hemi Jet Boat Update: Finnegan's Garage Ep.84 

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The turbo boat is back and one step closer to action on the water. In this video we finally connect the steering system from the front to the rear of the boat. Along the way we give you great tips for TIG welding aluminum parts using a Miller Welders Dynasty 280DX inverter machine. Everything from selecting a proper tungsten, cup, and gas lens is covered and we show you how we prepare tungsten for AC welding aluminum plate. There's not a whole lot left fabricate on the jet boat before we fire up the 711ci Sonny Leonard Hemi turbo engine. In upcoming videos we'll cover the turbo and electrical systems of the boat as well as wiring up the Holley Dominator EFI system. Thanks for watching.
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Kev Sch
Kev Sch 6 kuukautta sitten
Boats are sketchy as fuck!
HiHungryI'mDad 9 kuukautta sitten
Why isn't it called the TurBoat?
Cade 10 kuukautta sitten
Is that on a Sanger bubble deck?
con fuse
con fuse Vuosi sitten
Balling tungsten seems so old school... Easier to ball pure tungsten (green stripe on the tungsten). Run it at 75%, 120-180Hz and you can weld with a sharp point (well, almost sharp). Oh, and MIG with a spool gun is a whole lot easier...
Jerry Gilliland
Jerry Gilliland Vuosi sitten
0 FU#KS THUMBS DOWN I am 62 did this S#IT before you was born kid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Roger Fleury
Roger Fleury Vuosi sitten
Criss Cornia
Criss Cornia Vuosi sitten
Your welder> $16000.+ on amazon! WTF.
Whitey Powers
Whitey Powers Vuosi sitten
Wouldn't it be much easier to make a aluminum bung and just weld it onto the plate. Takin the tungsten for a swim is so annoying.
Eric Leo
Eric Leo Vuosi sitten
Wouldn't it have been easier to weld a washer made of aluminum on it ? Cool video though
Paul Aguirre
Paul Aguirre Vuosi sitten
it's funny they named the more bulbous cup "fupa"
cobrasvt347 Vuosi sitten
Ya mean it’s a pull, pull system.
You're In Luck
You're In Luck Vuosi sitten
Can’t wait to see this boat go
Robert Swartzwelder
Robert Swartzwelder Vuosi sitten
I really like the video shot through the welding helmet, very cool! Thanks for posting your videos.
SS Vuosi sitten
Finnegan's Garage, when this video started I thought you were going all Tai Lopez on us. "I'm here in my garage, with this new Jet Boat here. It's fun to drive in the Hollywood Hills." LoL! 😂😂
DIYDAD Vuosi sitten
Awesome tig welding tips there mike, Great too see the jet boat getting closer to the water👍
ProModMafia Vuosi sitten
Why didn't you just put a small bend in the 1/4 plate like you did the 5/16 plate ? Seemed like you wasted a lot of time since you already had the 1/4 finished.... Nice Build
Ivan Hendry
Ivan Hendry Vuosi sitten
That's not how you grind tungsten. The horizontal grind marks you just made restrict current, promote arc wander and can cause inclusions. Always grind your tungsten lengthwise.
Steven Diemer
Steven Diemer Vuosi sitten
Sir do you have a link for the website you got all the welding equipment from
AlexCorona Vuosi sitten
You can use a piece of welders glass in front of the camera as a filter. I've done it to record long exposures and the sun. You can use it to film your welding. Works 100X better than an auto welding mask.
Kyle Alden
Kyle Alden Vuosi sitten
Thanks Finn, you teach better than the college puke i paid to teach me!
Me 2
Me 2 Vuosi sitten
bad half from roadkill.. :(
Internet Vuosi sitten
Dam that thing is awesome you do awesome work bud
Internet Vuosi sitten
Hope you cleaned your weld location off again after fingering the shit out of it
Michael Wahl
Michael Wahl Vuosi sitten
Love my Dynasty 210dx, I have a 280dx at work. Miller makes sweet tig machines for sure. I got the amplitude adjustment SD card for mine so I could change amps on the ep and en separate. Love the Furrick cups also. Crazy thing tho, I've never seen someone put tungsten in upside down with the gold 1.5% lanthanated marker showing out the cup. I guess when the making color burns off it's good after that but just never seen that before. Do you have a reason for doing this???
Michael Wahl
Michael Wahl Vuosi sitten
Why not 5052 grade aluminum? It would have better corrosion resistance than the 3000 series.
Syrus54 Vuosi sitten
If you are looking for thickness, why don't you just weld the 1/4 inch thick plate to the 3/16 plate??? Then Tap it.
A Okay
A Okay Vuosi sitten
sick work! Keep'm com'n.
Mike G
Mike G Vuosi sitten
Looks like you could have just drilled hole and used nut on both sides...would have tied the plate to the boat better too....
Sideways Starion
Sideways Starion Vuosi sitten
I clicked the button you were pointing at 0:14 in and all it did was bring me to the youtube homepage.
Andy s
Andy s Vuosi sitten
You are a great teacher! Thanks for the info on welding. I don't weld but love to learn.
Sam Hill
Sam Hill Vuosi sitten
Thanks for the tig tips!
MARK Vuosi sitten
Do you have any clue on what you are doing?
MARK Vuosi sitten
Dude just send out the thicker plate to get it formed. Wow.
Morten Kristoffer Sæbø
you should grind paralel to the rod. not across. that will focus the beam more instead of spreading it.
John Bowen
John Bowen Vuosi sitten
Eric Maurer
Eric Maurer Vuosi sitten
why not weld a round disc, wahser, etc. Then drill and tap. would look much nicer. Just curious why this way?
Brandon A
Brandon A Vuosi sitten
😣😣😣 if it aint finished. Dont take it to sema people.
j2681 Vuosi sitten
This would of been a good excuse to tell your wife why you need to buy a press break for the shop.
deitydhskater Vuosi sitten
Am i the only one wondering why he wouldn't just weld a bung in place.
jkdwayne Vuosi sitten
Sponsored by Miller.... can't funkin weld ...........
722Racing Vuosi sitten
Might wanna double check the cables aren't reversed.
Max Power
Max Power Vuosi sitten
Tip for everyone; when shortening or cleaning a contaminated tungsten don’t actually break it off. Cut it off with a thin cut off wheel. Breaking a tungsten electrode will almost always crack the end which can propagate it’s way and ruin a good tungsten or worse a good part.
ElectronicPleasure Vuosi sitten
How long has it been? 2 years? I don't think i've herd the motor or nothing.
Hk 580
Hk 580 Vuosi sitten
Enjoy the welding tips, Your welding has come along way since the first headers on Blasphemi. It Inspires me to get out into the shed and tig weld more
imyy4u666 Vuosi sitten
Bout time ya got back on the boat :)
Do Something Fun
Do Something Fun Vuosi sitten
You're a good teacher
SteelVenom Vuosi sitten
Really enjoyed that this was mostly instructional! It has been a while since you did a vid like this. Nice work!
boltonky Vuosi sitten
Great video and best thing is they are actually pretty informative
Mikey Vuosi sitten
Very good video. I love how you go into this in-depth, and its not just footage of flying sparks.
Tool Maker
Tool Maker Vuosi sitten
Also this Episode was recorded,No film was used or Harmed in this episode!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tool Maker
Tool Maker Vuosi sitten
For Aluminum use Helium , Argon for Ferrous metals!!!!!!!!
craazygibbo Vuosi sitten
Cheers for the welding tips .These maybe dumb questions but ,Does the jet drive self centre from the power of it moving forward ? and is there a fail safe if a cable snaps or does the boat just loop in oneway and you limp it back to the dock ?
Rej Bernier
Rej Bernier Vuosi sitten
By thickening the plate with the welder, you un-temper the aluminium alloy. Chances are that it will actually be weaker than if you only had 2 thread engagement in the 3/16" plate.
Pgcmoore Vuosi sitten
Will Daniel
Will Daniel Vuosi sitten
Check out edge welding supply. They have some of the nicest Pyrex cups on the market and are decently priced. I run them at work. Just make sure you pay attention to where you sit your torch because they don’t bounce well when they hit the floor.
scooter McNuggets
scooter McNuggets Vuosi sitten
I came for turbo sounds. :(
beforebefore Vuosi sitten
Wear a mask when grinding on Thoriated Tungsten electrodes... radioactive dust in your lungs spells certain cancer.
Projects in the Shed
beforebefore I came to comment the same thing, super dangerous grind tungsten without a proper mask.
LynxAdvert Vuosi sitten
Scott Pella
Scott Pella Vuosi sitten
Nice feature on the Miller...but you can just ball up the tungsten on DC. Switch back to AC and you're off and welding. Also, ball it up on a clean piece of Aluminum...you're just introducing impurities when using that dirty chunk of 1/4". Another great video!!
iamgriff Vuosi sitten
i can’t believe it took 4 minutes to say you’re tig welding in a boss in the new plate.
Corey Whitacre
Corey Whitacre Vuosi sitten
FUPA , lol 😆. Stand for Fat Upper Puddle Area right?
Tony in AZ
Tony in AZ Vuosi sitten
I doubt this boat - engine combo will ever push water ... You say that you are focused now. I just do not see this project ever operating on the water at any speed. Good Luck , tho.
Charles Royer
Charles Royer Vuosi sitten
if you REALLY have a need for speed, put that engine in a V-Drive PickleFork!
Waltzs budgetBumpin
Waltzs budgetBumpin Vuosi sitten
Friction drilling works awesome for that same purpose
Matthew Scott
Matthew Scott Vuosi sitten
I'm a welder. Tig aluminum every day. Furick cups are not for 3/32 only. He makes different defusers for other size tungsten for his cups. Try welding with a #5 cup, no gas lens on aluminum. Most welders such as I prefer that setup as it works better. Nice machine. That's a bad ass miller.
Lucas Douglas Peterson
He just said FUPA isn't that a name for um different shaped females?
Ed Wilko
Ed Wilko Vuosi sitten
The none road kill side of your life. How do u guys spend so much money on fixing cars to make the road trips and yet most still fail? The mcm boys seem to spend a fraction of yoyr budget and end up with daily drivers after they finish lol
larry r
larry r Vuosi sitten
Goats?? Did you buy a GTO and not tell anyone?
Dave Scott
Dave Scott Vuosi sitten
....they call it a transom.
ChiefJustice Middleton
why cant you Weld an aluminum nut on there as a boss and drill through thec enter of the nut/boss then thread tap all the way. HMMM. Then you will have ample thread and less dicking around.
petrorabbit Vuosi sitten
content and video name unrelated
Jake Evans
Jake Evans Vuosi sitten
When sharpening tungsten for any type of welding you always want the grind marks to run parallel to the tungsten. Helps prevent arc wander and improves arc control.
ron whittaker
ron whittaker Vuosi sitten
glad to see you went with jet drive that's been to way to go since Vietnam in other words long than i been alive.
Martin Garlick
Martin Garlick Vuosi sitten
your steering back to front
Tito Rigatoni
Tito Rigatoni Vuosi sitten
Step 1: Clean the aluminum with acetone Step 2: Touch the aluminum with your oily finger
Brad Davenport
Brad Davenport Vuosi sitten
Not evan going to ask about the goats
Addicted4Life !
Addicted4Life ! Vuosi sitten
WOW you have hairy arms and hands! I seriously thought that was a cat, till you rolled your arm a little bit, and I could see your fingers. They’ve got to be causing a lot of turbulent air around you, can you feel it when you run? I wonder what your drag coefficient is🤔. If you ever lose a drag race in your boat, try shaving your arms, and see if that improves your ET. Other then that, your boat is coming along nicely! Thanks for the welding tips.
REBELDAWG .308 Vuosi sitten
when i was a full time welder i would ball the tip on a copper plate
Furry Cat :3
Furry Cat :3 Vuosi sitten
Hey Finnegan my dad is a very big fan of you and we are going to cavalcade of customs so hope to see you there.
Leonardo Bruno
Leonardo Bruno Vuosi sitten
Nebern is a great cameraman and good thing children have flexible ankles I guess.
Raxis Vuosi sitten
came for video on boat, got video on tig welding, still interesting
Brian Wright
Brian Wright Vuosi sitten
Finnegan, you need a thread engagement ratio closer to 2:1 for aluminum threads...
Paul Standeven
Paul Standeven Vuosi sitten
Finnegan - what are the bad decisions involving goats?
Rich B.
Rich B. Vuosi sitten
I wouldn't trust that on a jet boat with that much horsepower. Tig an aluminum threaded bung to the plate, much stronger. Imagine a steering failure at speed in that thing....not pretty.
Waltzs budgetBumpin
Waltzs budgetBumpin Vuosi sitten
I was thinking the same exact thing steering components threaded into 1/4" aluminum with an 1/8" of buildup??? Nope! To much at stake like Ohhh your life...
Toad Vuosi sitten
Mike, The Thorium used in 2% thoriated tungsten is a radioactive element and therefore can be dangerous to the health of those exposed to it and to the environment. I would recommend using at least a respirator while grinding the tungsten, it radioactive nasty stuff! A lot of companies (including mine) send the tips out for grinding and shaping. Be careful!
greg work shop
greg work shop Vuosi sitten
hi nice boat
dave biltucci
dave biltucci Vuosi sitten
69 goats ? Or 70 judge ?
Nick Turner
Nick Turner Vuosi sitten
I really appreciate you taking the time to explain the differences in cups and gas nozzles. I do have a question on the choice of welder. Is there an advantage to using a dedicated tig machine over a a/c and d/c multi process machine?
joel ginbey
joel ginbey Vuosi sitten
Also y didn't you just MIG weld an aluminium nut onto the plate
joel ginbey
joel ginbey Vuosi sitten
Thats actually something I'd get fired if I welded something important like that
jim skelton
jim skelton Vuosi sitten
I always make my ball out of brass.
David Drescher
David Drescher Vuosi sitten
The Bloodhound team is taking you up on your advice today they went shopping for goats after running 632 mph across the Kalahari Desert, even posted a video about it
Antby Mcnair
Antby Mcnair Vuosi sitten
How do you center that steering with cables? Great demo on Tig welding
jim grim
jim grim Vuosi sitten
f that you can keep the balled tungsten. sharpen it then just barely blunt the tip. if your melting 1/8 tungsten your doing it wrong.
randalljames Vuosi sitten
squirt boat guys... next time, keep the heavy plate and get some fairing compound..
Hugo Fuguselv
Hugo Fuguselv Vuosi sitten
Hugo Fuguselv
Hugo Fuguselv Vuosi sitten
Let's see. Which welder should I buy...HTP...Lincoln...Everlast...Razor...Vulcan......I just cannot decide. But for some reason I feel like drinking a Miller High Life 40oz while I try.
HotRodPop Vuosi sitten
I hate you. You have a boat. I don't. I would drown. Find another car. Cool tech, though, I must admit. All I can do is booger stick weld. It holds, but looks like old chewing gum stuck on there. Did I mention I hate you?...
Frenchie French
Frenchie French Vuosi sitten
Why don;t you weld a nut?
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Volvo's Key can do THIS!!
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